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Reconnect before Business Relationships are Lost - Automatically

To stay at the "Top of Mind" of your customers and prospects is the purpose of your Keep in Touch strategy.   


What is the benefit to have your people and business more connected to all the key contacts at your customer? 

How about the ability to have this done more automatically?


Sage ACT 2011 has introduced Smart Tasks to help you get this accomplished.  Last week in What New in Sage ACT! 2011 we covered other key benefits from the new functionality.

Smart Tasks provide automated work flow.  Start with 10 preconfigured templates for common tasks, edit as needed or create new smart tasks for your needed automation.

The following show the "Manage Smart Tasks" manager and the "Contacts with no recent activity in the last 90 days that will automatically schedule an activity for the account manager to follow up.  A great way to re-connect with lost business relationships or connect before they are lost!



Additionally the smart task can be applied to specific contact or a group-  say "customers who live in a given state, and who have purchased more than $5,000 for the current year"















The smart task can be configured to run automatically or manually. The following "Pending Smart Task Steps" will allow you to preview, delete or Run the task on the selected contacts.















Other pre-configured templates that you can personalize include:

Birthday Reminder - when a contact's birthday is a week away....

Bounced Email Follow-up - for contacts that have bounced or invalid email.

Closed Opportunity Follow up - for opportunities that have been closed and won.

Contacts with No recent activity- for contacts with no email messages or activites in last 90 days.

E-marketing Birthday Email - on the day of the contact's birthday send an email.

High Value Opportunity Alert - When an opportunity value is $1,000 or greater.

Incomplete Contact information - If any contact is missing key information.

New Contact Welcome- when a new contact is added, send them a welcome email message.

Opportunity a Week from Close - When opportunities are about to close, send a reminder to ....

Results Download - if there are ACT! E_marketing results, update the contacts.


More is found in the Smart Tasks Tour (4 minute Adobe Captive presentation).

For executive overview of What's New in Sage ACT! 2011, here.
The basic requirements of Business Success with Customer Relationship Management is found in, "18 Requirements for Success with CRM"
What automated tasks would benefit your sales people, your customer service department, or your business?

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