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Entrepreneurs are artists in a way. Business-relationship-development-creativity

They create something based on a great idea, and then they sell it. Sometimes they have so much fun creating that they rebel against systematizing what they do.

But as their business grows, a lack of processes just about guarantees living in continual crisis mode. Not cool.


Business coach Les McKeown writes in his book Predictable Success " target="_blank">Predictable Success  (aff.link) that to experience ongoing business success, one needs to learn to live with tension: Creativity and fun have to co-exist with systems and processes.

(More about achieving Predictable Success, here including helpful videos by Les.) 

It’s a dance--give and take, each partner exquisitely aware of the other and responding appropriately. Chaos on the dance floor is downright painful and no fun at all. Likewise for business, creativity accomplishes most when rather mundane processes “bring scalability, consistency, and profitability” to quote McKeown. When problems come up, and they will, the systems already in place make it possible to solve them – yes, creatively sometimes -- and restabilize relatively quickly.

Getting to the state of "Mind like Water" with the Getting Things Done systematic approach helps to obtain that perspective and regain control when needed.


Holding this balance requires constant adjustments. Weak processes mean either staying in or returning to crisis mode, or what McKeown so aptly calls Whitewater. Systems that are too rigid, though, squelch all the fun and fire out of what you’ve created, and you’ll feel like you’re on a treadmill.


CRM-consultant-successLearning the dance is tricky, but quite within your grasp.

Successful business relationship development requires a CRM system that acquires new customers, develops the relationship and retains customers for long term mutual benefit. Benefits that matter....

Allow my experience as serial entrepreneur, a business coach and a certified CRM systems " target="_blank">CRM systems consultant to help you escape perpetual crisis mode and achieve predictable success. Phone: 259-445-3001.


What type of systems have you implemented successfully?


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