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What's New Web site- GREAT Work and Sage ACT! related

Success with CRM Consulting, What's New on our web site - week ending July 16-2010:

This week there are new resources for the entrepreneur and business professional looking to become more engaged in doing more of their GREAT Work. Also there are several tools to help improve your productivity in growing the business.

Also check out Michael's Great Work Blog....here.







#1 Business Success -> Do More GREAT Work" target="_blank">Do More GREAT Work

Don't you wish you could "Stop the Busywork. Start the Work that Matters?"

Three Kinds of Work:

Bad work - that mind numbing, blood sucking type of work.

Good work - what most of us do most of the time.  Our job description. Keeps us busy, productive and it gets things done.  The problem is that in our overwhelmed work, this can be endless.  It is not engaging to You!

GREAT work- work that lights you up. You take responsibility for the life you live- responsibility for your own freedom.  It involves choices that may not be comfortable or easy.  It involves some self management process to stop getting seduced by the good work, stop getting by the busy work. Become more selective about what you say Yes to and what you say No to. Create a separate place to do this strategic, most productive Great work.

Learn the Five Great Truths:  5 rules to know and with them the 5 choices to make.

Check out the Inspiring Videos!  Show them to your employees. Now take action to do more GREAT work!


#2 Success with Sage ACT!" target="_blank">Success with Sage ACT! -> Sage ACT! 2011 has several new related link resources:

This week Sage ACT! 2011 was introduced.  The business services integration with Hoovers will help Lead generation: to select new lead lists, provide a quick import and start off sales prospecting with a bang.  Also gain business intelligence from your linked company accounts into Hoovers.

Secondly improved productivity " target="_blank">improve productivity with automated work flow using the new Smart Tasks functionality.  Be notified of lapsing contact activity, opportunity status changes, or other tasks to help remind customers about your valuable offerings.

Check out the latest video of Napkin Mike" target="_self">latest video of Napkin Mike as he introduces you to the real power of customer management systems.


What did you find the most helpful? 

What would you like to see or know more about?


Topics:   Leadership Development GREAT Work Lead Generation Productive Improvements

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