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As a business coach for entrepreneurs and as an entrepreneur myself, it is always helpful to look for ways to combine Creativity with Productivity to achieve Success.  

In The Alternative Board (TAB) " target="_self">The Alternative Board (TAB)  groups we have a range of entrepreneurially minded people.  Some are creative and some wish they had more time to use their inherent creativity.


My friends from Lateral Action have some helpful resources to share that can help you achieve both creativity and productivity to achieve your business goals.

Creative vision and flashes of inspiration are all very well, but they are worse than useless unless you actually do something with your ideas.  You need to make ideas happen.

Creative-Entrepreneur-TAB-Business-CoachA creative entrepreneur?  Check out 3 critical characteristics of the creative entrepreneur.


Looking for a productivity toolbox for creative people? here it is.


Mark McGuinnes at times calls the laptop a "Pandora's box." Read more in "How to Stop Information Overload from Crushing Your Creativity" target="_blank">How to Stop Information Overload from Crushing Your Creativity." He has a series on breaking through your creative blocks.

Want to know the top 10 social networks for creative people? check this out.

In beyond Getting Things Done: Lateral Action, he means getting unusual, distinctive, valuable, creative things done.


Sign up for the Lateral Action " target="_blank">Lateral Action newsetter to keep updated on new content and the Creative Entrepreneur course.


If the material strikes a cord with you, then I'd recommend you become a member and involve yourself in the 7 module Creative Entrepreneur course: Create (don't compete), Lead (don't manage), Communicate (don't be shy), Automate (don't duplicate), Accelerate (don't stand still), Succeed (don't stress) and Live (don't wait).


For more tips on using the Getting Things Done systematic approach, go over to Success with Getting Things Done" target="_blank">Success with Getting Things Done.

I can also vouch for the resources found under the Productivity tab from my Amazon store.  (Affiliate links- they help pay for breath mints....)


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