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Stay in Touch with Contacts from Your Blackberry

There is an increasing mobility of the workforce and staying connected with up to date information is critical in today's business environment. 

Gain greater productivity and capability in building business relationships.  Use mobile technology to achieve greater success with your CRM system.




Get more out of the phone you already own.  ACT! Mobile Live works with your Blackberry.

Support for iPhone and Windows Mobile is coming soon!

Easily find the person you are looking for and make the connection.

Sync up changes to addresses, email and phone numbers.









Keep the details with you and add new.  View your ACT! contact and calendar details on your phone.

See meeting notes, conversation history, and upcoming activities, and be instantly informed about your customers.

Any you can add new details when you're out and about.

Never miss out on an opportunity to keep your team completely updated!








Bypass the learning curve.

You're already familiar to your mobile device interface. 

ACT! Mobile Live uses your phone's built-in address book and calendar so you can view, add, and edit calendar details in the same familiar way you do today.


Setup is a breeze. 

Forget about IT nightmares. Setup and deploy ACT! Mobile Live in three easy steps - simply sign up, set up, and sync.  You can go live today and enjoy the convenience of paying on a 12-month basis, because ACT! Mobile Live is a subscription-based service.

Backup via an online portal. ACT! Mobile Live is ready for you wherever you are. Not only can you access ACT! from your phone, you'll have access from the ACT! Mobile Live online portal. This gives you online access, plus a backup with your data in case your phone is lost or stolen. And your data is available if you switch phones later

More about gaining Success With ACT, here" target="_self">Success With ACT, here.

Sage corporate ACT site, here." target="_blank">here.


Give Dick a call (269-445-3001) to discuss how ACT! Mobile Live can help you gain more out of your contact management system.

This solution can help your sales people stay more connected with contacts and your business team informed.


How can this help in your selling process?



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