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Attracting new prospects and others interested in what you can help them achieve is a whole lot easier when you and your business are remarkable.

Inbound marketing assumes that people will come to you because you are providing them valuable, even remarkable content. 




Becoming remarkable starts with the content of the message and who you are focusing upon.

Knowing your "Ideal" audience instead of doing a "shot gun" approach is so important for targeted success. Too many times  entrepreneurs or sales persons are not focused and have not clearly defined their ideal clients and their unique value proposition.  This starts to define remarkable content.

Be engaging, be real, have some fun to become "remark" able.

Not the easiest things to do but well worth the investment.


Delve deeper into "4 Tips to Make Your Content Remarkable"


  1. Stand for something. Share a trend. Discuss an unpopular problem.
  2. Take a risk. Different can be good. Share how your approach and how your solution are really different.
  3. Know your audience. Use a common vernacular and medium that appeal to them. Have a relationship system to remember your commitments and customer interests.
  4. Engage people's creativity.  Different people will  engage for various reasons.  Get them involved first and then they'll want to discover more.


My recommended resources:

The Inbound Marketing experts at HubSpot and the Business blog Marketing Hub are chock full of quality and practical knowledge- how to attract new business and have a platform and system to grow your business. 

Writing engaging copy is what Copy Blogger is all about. Brian, Sonia and others at Copy Blogger provide practical knowledge and resouces for learning how to create engaging content.  A wealth of useful knowledge: Headline writing, SEO Copywriting, Keyword research, content marketing.  "The 7 Essential Steps to Creating a Content Masterpiece" is a place to start.

Remarkable Communications - remarkable relationships begin with remarkable communication.  Check out "50 things your customers wish you knew" post.

Dean Rieck at Pro Copy Tips provides copywriting tips for Smart Copywriters.  Check out his "Tons of productivity tips for professional writers" blog post.

One of the masters is Chris Brogan.  His books Trust Agents and Social Media 101 will help you understand the trends and develop strategies with practical steps for listening and then engaging your audience. (Both books available at our Amazon store)

Participate in a new and more balanced way of marketing to your communityThird Tribe provides online marketing strategies that work without being obnoxious.  Start a collaborative community for business relationship development success.

Is your signature on the quality of your work? 




Looking to take your skills and knowledge to a new level?

Learn to become an Inbound Marketing Professional.

Make a commitment to use any one of the 4 tips today to BE "Remark"able.



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