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Building Stronger Relationships, Success with Relationships, Outlook Integration, Act!

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Jive Talking - Sage ACT! and Microsoft Outlook

Sage ACT! and Microsoft Outlook are made for each other and each provide benefits to all the staff in your business.

In this entertaining video, Napkin Mike and Claire talk about how ACT! and Outlook "Jive".

Stay on top of the details 

Don't forget that important follow up meeting or phone call you had committed to make. 

Easy - One click

To create a new ACT contact from an Outlook Email or save that email in your Inbox to the contact in ACT.  Email history is easily accessible under the ACT contact for future reference. 

Schedule a Follow up activity from Outlook.

While on the phone or when you have a moment, you can quickly create that scheduled activity for the ACT contact and have Outlook updated. 

They Help each other 

Microsoft Outlook and ACT compliment each other.  ACT extends the Email history by keeping these communications to contacts inside ACT and accessible long after email is purged.  ACT extends the contact list in Outlook by providing other related knowledge:  quck notes, documents, quotes, opportunities, etc.


Click in video link below to view how ACT! and Microsoft Outlook are made for each other!

Check out other educational videos with Napkin Mike, here.

Looking for More Productivity then investigate the latest Sage ACT 2011! and Outlook contact and calendar synchronization, check this blog article here.... 

Would this integration improve your productivity?


Topics:   Building Stronger Relationships Success with Relationships Outlook Integration Act!

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