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Start managing your energy instead of your time and lead a happier, more productive life. 

More than 75 percent of employees around the world feel disengaged at work every day.  We're in a new kind of energy crisis -- and this one is personal

In a previous blog post I commented on the NY Times Best Selling book by Tony Schwartz, "The Way We're Working Isn't Working- The Four Forgotten Needs that Energize Great Performance."  In this book there is a lot of links back to business, nutrition, golden rule of Triggers, focused tasks and Maslow's Hierachy of Needs.  Very worthwhile!

Change Your Entire Day in 30 Seconds:

With this simple exercise you can change your entire day's outlook in less than 60 seconds.  Click to view this YouTube Video NOW.

Click for more from The Energy Project web site.  A wealth of information on managing energy levels for greater productivity and engagement


Check out an Audio review of the book from Chris Brogan.


Are you fueling the four core energy needs that fuel great performance? Take the Energy Audit and see where you stand.


Some key recommendations from the book:

Take a real break every 90 minutes and recharge.

Eat small portions of energy rich foods every 3-4 hours.

When fustrated remember the Golden Rule of Triggers - When you feel compelled to jump right in, DON'T!.

Learn more about yourself and motivations.  Track your energy levels at key times of a day then do your most important tasks when you have the most energy.


More to come in upcoming blog posts or check our current articles on Productivity and Energy Management.

What simple and effective exercises have you found helpful to recover and boost your energy?


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