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Technology available today makes it more affordable to implement the business relationship and management system you have been wanting.  Sage SalesLogix Cloud brings together the benefits of the best of both worlds: their on-premise CRM system and Software-as-a-Service for on-demand CRM.


In part one of this two part series, you can join Professor Crumblehorn for an entertaining look at Cloud Computing in the Modern Age. 

Now join Professor Crumblehorn as he shares what makes Sage SalesLogix Cloud Computing so remarkable compared to the 'other offerings':

Plenty of data storage available.

Flexible platform to be personalized around your business needs.

Superior data security. 

You can get your data back in a usable form, if needed.

Competitive subscription model pricing.

Now on with the show.....

For more benefits about the value of Sage SalesLogix cloud computing visit this main link.


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