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Words we often hear from prospective clients : "I want to grow my database , qualify my leads, reach my contacts to stay at the 'top of their mind' and by the way - automate my business."  

Have you ever assembled an email list, spent hours creating a spectacular email with an offer that can't be refused, and send out an email blast, only to wonder if all those messages sent into cyberspace ever got opened or read?  Did you have a system to respond to those who express interest in your product or service? 

You want prospects who are genuinely interested in your products and services.  You want to build a relationship with your potential and current customers.  And you need a system to keep them all straight. 

If you're an entrepreneur or business-owner, you may already be wearing more hats than you can keep on your head.  What if there was a way to measure the way prospects respond to your emails and act on the hottest leads immediately?

The software to track emails sent, opened, and clicked on is available to you.  Not only that, it can generate call lists based on the most interested prospects.  It can be networked to communicate with your sales staff or call center- "follow up with this lead immediately!"




Emails are not just for transferring information, though.  You can send surveys out on your email list and have responses automatically tabulated.  Are your customers satisfied?  Do they prefer Product A or Product B?  Are they aware of your brand?

Imagine the tools at your disposal to build customer service and loyalty when someone follows up with them immediately after a satisfaction survey.  You have the opportunity to reward happy customers with loyalty programs and to make it right for customers who were less than satisfied.  Build better customer relationships; grow your business. 

Ever advertise an event and be unsure who's coming and who's not?  This software can create email groups based on those who RSVP and those don't, so you can follow up accordingly.

If you send out a weekly email, which ones are getting the highest response?  What links are getting the most clicks.  You can get these reports.



Swiftpage, for ACT! and Infor CRM (formally SalesLogix) provide marketing automation platforms- giving you the tools to automatically reach out to your contacts, customers, and staff.

What else can you do with eMarketing from Swiftpage?

  • Gather valuable contact profile information from the web with a single click and more. 
  • Drip Marketing. Automatically send a sequence of marketing messages to a contact that fills out a form on your website, based on their previous actions. 
  • Templates for Quick starts. Select from over 130 templates that cover all of your communication needs from newsletters, e-mails, and product announcements to holiday cards and press releases. 
  • Personalize with your brand. Customize templates with your logo, images, and copy -- creating professional, dynamic e-mails that engage your customers and prospects. 
  • Preview communications before you send them out. 
  • Send e-mails in an instant or schedule them to send at a later date. 
  • Strengthen relationships. Send e-mails on behalf of account managers - so they have more time to sell and you can ensure the correct branding, pricing, and messaging are communicated. 

Your time is valuable.  Let these software tools do the work for you. 


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