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You've been reading about CRM.  You think that a customized Customer Relationship Management system is for your business.  Now what?

Well, there are definitely some things you should NOT do. 

DoNotdo-Success-with-crm1. Buy it and do nothing with it.

A CRM system is an investment that requires an investment of time and creativity. A CRM consultant can help you figure out how to max out your investment and coach you to gain success with CRM.

2. Limit what you do with it.

An Excel spreadsheet can give you a list of your clients and their phone numbers. A CRM system can also keep track of client visits, client information (including birthdays and anniversaries), and social media interaction. It can automate different emails for different levels of client interest. Study your system so you can make the most of it.

3. Enter all your data and leave it.

A CRM system is a fluid system. It can change and grow as your business and your clientele change and grow. It's a fantastic tool, but it doesn't do any good sitting in your PC or on a server.

4. Focus only on the benefits to your company.

After implementation, a CRM system can save time and energy by having all your client information at your fingertips. However, it also benefits your client by being recognized by more than a number. Suddenly, everyone at your company knows what John Doe's preferences and buying habits are. Think Amazon.com.

5. Duplicate your efforts.

If you get the CRM system that fits your company best (you did go through a certified CRM consultant, right?), don't keep the old system also. Once you have put in the time and energy to update your new system, don't try to keep them both up to date. If you invest the time to do it right at first, you will reap the benefits.

6. Be impatient or expect miracles.

A top of the line CRM system is one tool in your marketing tool belt. No CRM system is going to save a business that sells an outdated product or even grow a business that sells a hot product overnight.

7. Shoot in the dark or shoot at everything.

Your business still needs goals and strategy to grow. The better the vision for your company, the better a CRM system will work for you. A CRM strategy is customer-centric.

8. Expect everyone to join the bandwagon immediately.

There will always be resistance to change, especially if it requires more work initially. Implement change in stages, and have at least one person at management level who will lead the charge in a positive manner.

9. Be inconsistent.

Keep at it. Use all your resources. Don't forget your CRM consultant. Re-evaluate your needs on a regular basis, and make changes to customize your CRM system to meet your needs.  Personalization will greatly increase user acceptance.  Include your business terminology and your business work flow.

10. Dismiss CRM out of hand.

Businesses of all sizes could use some help with efficiency and information management. CRM systems are completely customizable, and are sure to build your relationships with your clients and prospects.

There are core beliefs for Business Success with CRM......

The sum of the knowledge your business has about its prospects, customers, employees, competitors, partners, and other alliances is an appreciating asset.  A successful, sustainable business relies on this knowledge and access to this to make smarter, faster decisions.

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Stuck on deciding what the next step to take?  We are here to help as consultants, implementers and coaches.

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