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Don't waste your thumb's amazing abilities. They're good for so much more than twiddling. 

Mobile devices such as Windows Smart Phones, iPhones and those from Blackberry can be your mobile office. With them, and your thumbs, you can:

Respond more quickly to an increasingly dynamic selling environment.

Be on top of your game with accurate information.

Improve your productivity and look smarter. Imagine having direct access to live, dynamic information from your CRM system such as:

Your contacts' phone numbers, email addresses, and related relationship information.

Your schedule of phone calls to be made today- while you have some free time. 

The historical notes of the prior conversations.  See when you or others in your office had a discussion about a product request, a new service offering, or the status of a quote.

A view of the latest products your customers have purchased and prices they have been paying.

The details of a  long drawn out sales opportunity and the prior steps you have taken with the prospect.  Having those details quickly in hand is a huge benefit.

A view of the open as well as recently closed service tickets. Wouldn't it be nice to know that a sticky service issue has just been resolved before you wango into the customer meeting?


Watch how Steve and Larry, "two super-hero thumbs!" use SalesLogix mobile.

Saleslogix-Kickoff-CRM-consultantSteve and Larry show up at a sales conference and show sales people how they can increase efficiency and productivity. Watch it on YouTube now



Steve and Larry visit Wiggs International and provide sales associates with Sage SalesLogix Mobile on a Blackberry to increase customer satisfactionWatch it on YouTube now.



Account Executive Carla impresses her biggest client with up-to-the-minute information on the go (i.e. up-to-date order shipment status).  Watch it on YouTube now.


View the complete set of videos at www.SageMobileCRM.com.


Get the complete scoop about Sage SalesLogix mobile here. 

More about Success with Sage SalesLogix CRM.

More about Success with ACT! by Sage customer management solution.


We offer various consulting insights: 

Thinking more about getting started with a better contact management system?  We provide a readiness assessment or can perform a needs analysis.

Or do you feel you'd like to optimize what you have and gain more benefit from your CRM system?


What is your favorite mobile device for your twiddling thumbs?

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