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thinking-success-with-crmAs a business person concerned about what your customer is thinking, the feedback you obtain from a survey can provide valuable insights

Accessing survey results for each contact in your CRM system can help to increase business, obtain more insight into why your customer buys, and close new business faster.  In what areas do they consider you excellent, good, average or poor?

In today's economy you need to continually acquire, develop and retain customer relationships.  Surveys can help in all of these areas.


Benefits of Surveys

Obtain ideas for new products and services

Find out what products and services your best customers enjoy and which ones have the least favorable rating.  Determine if you could supply related items as part of a more complete package or solution. Determine what products need improvements. Which services in your offering need to be enhanced, dropped or maybe created?

Include a survey in your drip marketing campaign to allow your prospect to be directed to a more appropriate follow-up process.


Improve all levels of serviceSurvey-CRM-consultant

Is your service level improving or falling off?  Use a survey to gauge your customers' satisfaction.  Are your customers more or less likely to recommend you to friends?  Validate what you think your level of customer service is compared to the actual customer's feedback.


Obtain accurate and up-to-date contact information

Send a survey out to your current contacts to validate your existing contact information.  I'm sure that over time your contact's phone numbers, email addresses and roles have changed. 

Use an 'update contact' survey to give them the ability to stay informed about how you can help them.  Maybe it is tips on using your product more effectively.  It may be trends that are occurring where you can give them a 'heads-up'. 


Engage your prospects and customers

People will want to keep updated if the information is valuable. Use a web survey form to invite them to subscribe to your electronic newsletter, register for an event, and subscribe to your business blog. 

Absolutely make sure they will obtain something that will help them solve a problem, achieve an outcome, reduce risk or succeed with an opportunity.

Allow the survey to engage the reader so they feel more like providing honest, valuable feedback.


How to get started:

GO-Swiftpage-CRM-consultantWhat is your defined outcome?  What kind of feedback responses are you looking for?

Determine the best set of response-type of questions - usually a combination of true/false, multiple choice, ranking and fill-in-the-blank. 

Want to provide a better customer experience? Ask them how you can help.

KISS - Keep it Simple S......   Think about the type of surveys that engaged you and you took time to fill out.

Provide an incentive- a free report, a trial download, a white paper about their industry.

Provide the survey as an accessible web form and link it to your web site and email.

Select a survey system that will be integrated with your contact management like ACT! by Sage or SalesLogix customer relationship management system.  Often the survey system is part of a large e-marketing integrated system such as Swiftpage.

Analyze the survey responses with a tool that is capable of reporting a summary as well as details of the responses.

Ideally have the responses feed automatically back into your contact management or CRM system.  Information that takes additional time to integrate will not be as timely and thus as useful.

Finally, consult with a business person who has experience in electronic marketing and certified in the products they represent.  

Surveys are a valuable tool in your marketing and customer experience strategy for building business relationships.


What ideas have you used to survey your prospects and customers? 

What questions have you observed to be the most engaging and provide the most valuable insights?


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