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CRM Social Media Integration - but how does that help me?

One of the first questions I hear from my clients during End User training is, "Ok, I know that ACT! has integration with Social Media sites like Facebook. But, how can that be helpful to me on a daily basis?"

Most people have had to call a repair person to fix something at one time or other.  Well, have you ever received a follow up call from the repair company you hired to fix your dish washer or Cable?

Can you imagine if the follow-up call went like this?

Caller-CRM-Consultant"Hi, Mrs. Jamison, this is Sharron from XYZ repair company and I just wanted to first say congratulations on your new job and I hope the transition is going well for you.  If you have a moment, could you take a short survey on the services that you had just received from our company?"  



Just how did this person know that you had just changed jobs after 15 years, and wanted to know how you were settling in?  You might be thinking, "WOW, this company really cares about me as a customer! I'd be happy to take a survey for them.

When you go the extra step to make your current customers feel valued to your business by adding a "Personal Touch", you are then creating a relationship that they will not forget.

By using the Social Media integration in ACT!, you can talk about the sunny weather your client is experiencing on the other side of the U.S. You can let them know that you loved their comment on Facebook about their oldest daughter in college.











ACT! 2010 uses the contact fields to specifically search Facebook, Google Maps, LinkedIn and many others. Need driving directions to a new client's office? Not a problem!









Building and enhancing relationships is a big part of what CRM can do for you.

Interested in a full-feature 30 day trial or how to get started with CRM- click here.


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