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Social CRM - Enhances Value of People-centric CRM - Part III

Social CRM enhances the value to a people-centric CRM system thus providing more Business Success with CRM.

Part I of Social CRM vs. Traditional CRM focused on how customers are changing and how we must therefore change the way we relate with them.. In Part II we examined the importance of online conversations, on the customers' terms, to gaining their trust; the need for relevant content placed where social customers can find it; and what part software automation can play in maintaining the flow of that content.

To automation, now let's add analysis and audacity.

Analyze which social media tools spread your message most effectively to the people you want to hear it.

Blog-Analysis-CRM-successAll the tools currently available, whether online or on our desktops, make it easier to analyze results of our social CRM and marketing activities.

Blogging platforms include tools for measuring how many people go to your posts, how they find you, what links they click on, and more. Readers have the opportunity to comment, which obviously gives you useful information.

If you're on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can compare the number of people reading your feeds in each place and make wise decisions about where to direct your efforts.


Get audacious.

As Brent Leary says in his white paper, "Social CRM," "Automation and analysis, when implemented effectively, can free up time for creative thoughts and actions."

Einstein-Success-CRM Really think about:

--> who your customers are,

--> what they need from you, and

--> how you are uniquely suited to give it to them.

Then ACT: get audacious in finding  captivating ways to meet them where they are and grab their attention


Social CRM does not replace traditional CRM. Your foundation must be set. It must include:

  • An easily accessible centralized and relational customer database
  • A way to track events and coordinate activities
  • A system to manage important sales and marketing processes.


To this foundation, social CRM adds an essential dimension for engaging social customers and the wider internet-based community. It requires a different mindset, one that understands the rules of social media.

Sending one-way messages to people looking for conversations won't work, and in fact will damage your business. Learn to understand the laws of attraction and Inbound marketing that focus on valuable conversations.  So take your time to understand the new lay of the land, and then give your strategy some time to work, making creative, audacious adjustments along the way.

Social CRM does not replace traditional CRM - it enhances and extends relationships!  Social CRM adds value to a people-centric CRM system thus providing more Business Success with CRM. 

As you earn the respect of this new social community we're all doing business in, I wish you all the best for success. 

Additional resources:

Part I: How customers are changing and becoming ready.

Part II: Importance of communications

Ideas and practical practices for Extending your Reach and attracting higher quality leads? 

Comment below and share with other readers what you are doing in your business relating to Social CRM.

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