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Why a Business Blog is Important - More Leads !

Need more evidence of Why a business blog is Important

A study to identify lead generation best practices shows More Pages Indexed by Google Means More Leads.  Having a valuable business blog is one of the best marketing strategies for being found before your competitor.

These findings are from The State of Inbound Lead Generation, a new HubSpot report based on statistical analysis of 1,400 customers' inbound marketing activities.  

Increasing Google Indexed Pages by 50-100 Causes Double-Digit Lead Growth.. more information.



The graph above shows the strong positive correlation between the number of Google indexed pages and median leads. More specifically, it reveals that an incremental 50 to 100 indexed pages can cause double-digit lead growth up until customers reach several hundred Google indexed pages.

The study indicates:

  • Median Customers who blogged generated 67% more leads than median customers who do not blog.
  • There is a 77% increase in leads when the blog contains more than 52 blog articles (posts) versus 24 -51 articles.
  • The results were the same from both B2B and B2C Hubspot customers.

So blogging is valuable whether you sell to other businesses or directly to consumers.

Marketing Takeaways

Marketers are likely to ask: What are techniques for growing the number of Google indexed pages on my site?

  • Build page volume: consider starting a blog to quickly increase number of pages
  • Improve each page's optimization as per Google's methodology to maximize chances of having all of your web pages included in the index:
    • On-Page Search Engine Optimization: placing keywords in the right places on web pages such that Google and other search engines know what each page of your web site is about, and what keywords to rank you for
    • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: building inbound links from reputable sites, thus demonstrating your popularity to search engines


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