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When To "Promote" a Secondary Contact in ACT!

During End User Training for my clients, it seems that everyone has the same two questions, "When do I use Secondary Contacts? and How do I make a Secondary Contact into a Main Contact?"

Here are a few questions I like to ask myself about the new contact:

1.  Do I want to know when an e-mail has been sent and what was it about?

2.  Am I going to be creating Activities for this contact (calls, meeting, etc.)?

3.  Will an opportunity need to be created in the near future?

If the answer is "YES" to any of these questions, this person qualifies as a Main ContactHowever, if a Secondary contact turns out to be become more important that you originally thought, you can easily promote a Secondary Contact to a Primary Contact.  

Promoting Within:

  1. Select the Secondary Contact to promote.
  2. Click the Promote button on the Secondary Contact Tab Or right-click and select Promote Secondary Contact menu option.Promote-secondary-contacts
  3. Select the desired option... 
    • Duplicate data from the main contact's primary fields  - This option fills in missing company and address information from the main contact when the new Primary contact record is created.   OR
    • Do not duplicate data from primary fields - This option will create a new record from the selected Secondary Contact using only the information that you have previously entered on the Secondary Contact tab.
    • promote-secondary-contact2
  4. Click OK.

As a ACT! by Sage Certified consultant I'm here to help. 

What questions do you have about becoming more productive and knowledgeable with ACT?  I'd like to hear your comments and questions.

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