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Why do Customers Buy- you need to know for success with CRM?

Why-buy-CRM-ConsultantHave you stopped to ask yourself why  your customers BUY?  

What motivates them to engage you for your products or services?

Seems a simple enough question, yet I'll bet you may want to consider the answers every now and then.


Ask yourself, "Why do they buy?"  Is it:

    • To solve a problem?
    • To get a competitive edge?
    • To eliminate mistakes?
    • To take advantage of an opportunity?
    • To solidify a relationship?
    • To change a mood, to feel good, to show off?
    • To do a task more efficiently?
    • To become more productive?
    • To make themselves look more professional?

Is it because:

    • They need or think they need it?
    • They were talked into it?
    • They got a good deal or thought they did?
    • They just wanted it?

Is it to:

    • Save time by integrating multiple programs or actions?
    • Help someone else?
    • Personalize contact with their customers and build a relationship?
    • Provide or return something to their community?

As a CRM consultant and business advisor, I ask these questions of business owners.  This insight links directly to your USP- Unique Selling proposition. 

Now imagine how helpful it would be to have this knowledge in your customer relationship database.  Better decisions would result from this business intelligence. What success with CRM could you gain?

So I ask you: Why do your customers buy what you provide? 

What have I missed? Let me hear what you've come across.

Topics:   Unique selling prosposition Building Stronger Relationships Sales Improvement Areas Know your customer

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