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Do you use ACT?

Do you use Quickbooks?

Wouldn't it be nice if the two could talk to each other??

I've use Quickbooks and ACT nearly everyday. And I've tried every method I could find to link the two together with absolutely no success - until now. I've finally found a product that actually works. I never realized how much time I could save in a typical day.  I also have several clients successfully using this integration component to gain more success with CRM.

One of my clients now feels that they are more aware of their customer's payment history. At a click of a button they can now see within ACT! the amount of purchases per month for each customer. They could even compare sales per month, this year verses previous years. Also knowing the AR balance is helpful with having a conservation with the customer.


At the click of a button I can:

1. Create a new QuickBooks record from ACT

2. Create a QuickBooks invoice, estimate or sales order from within ACT

3. View all of my QuickBooks sales data in an ACT tab

4. Create an ACT lookup based on QuickBooks sales information

Having direct access to your accounting sales invoice and payment history can help to build business relationships.  As CRM consultants we can help you integrate ACT and Quick Books for increased productivity.

Please refer to Success with ACT for more information.

Read more on our recommended Quickbooks and ACT Integration. 

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