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Rules of Being Found and Connecting Buyer to Seller

Rules of Being Found and Connecting Buyer to Seller- 

"Traditional Marketing" will and must change

As a business coach I hear all about the traditional ways businesses market their products and services.  They attend a trade show, pass out business cards at networking events, and push their marketing messages out to anyone interested - by direct mail and email campaigns.

"Being Found" Lesson a truck driver can give us:Search-Success-with-CRM

Recently in a group of entrepreneurs we started down the trail of marketing strategy and I asked, "How are you being found?"    Nearly all of them again mentioned the traditional methods.  Some were beginning to use e-mail and most had a static web site - few were at the stage of electronic newsletters.  One business owner told the story of a semi-truck driver driving down the Interstate, looking for a nearby repair shop.  The driver reached over to his cab's online computer and typed in three words:   "Semi Repair Elkhart."  Google came up with the top 4 findings, with one having a Google map of the business.   The driver took the first Google result, exited off the Interstate ramp and drove into this entrepreneur's business.   Talk about being in the right place with the right message at the right time.  That is what BEING FOUND is all about.

It is getting simpler all the time for a buyer to find what they want online.  Millions of people will bring up Google, even on their phones, and type a few words about what they are looking for or have a question about.  Type, point and click - it can't get much easier than that.  Heck, my grandkids have been doing this since they were in preschool!

So what is your desired outcome and what are some of your next physical actions?

Develop a strategy to be found- quickly and easily

1. Know who your current customers are and who will be your future customers.

Get to know them well. Invest the time and resources to gather quality insights.

    • Identify specific characteristics of what they like and what they don't like.
    • Place this information into a shared, collaborative, relational database system.
    • Start to build groupings of these contacts based on intelligent categories.
    • Improve the quality of new conversations and insights with detailed notes for each conversation's highlights.
    • Hint: these items are what ACT contact management and SalesLogix CRM systems are designed for.

2. Know where they 'hang out.'

Now that you know your customers and prospective customers, where will you find them?

    • Online on major search engines: Does your demographic prefer Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another industry-specific search engine?
    • Networking events- Do they prefer face to face, discussion forums, LinkedIn Questions & Answer section, or commenting on niche blogs?
    • Industry-related web sites - Do they go there to find information about a product and do they look for the distributor? For example, if you look for ACT! By Sage contact software, you'll go to the http://www.act.com/ web site and find that Julie and I are listed as ACT Certified Consultants.
    • Trade associations - Are they members? Is there a newsletter or preferred vendor web pages?

3. Know what they use to find you

    • If they never use the Internet - please refer back to #1. This group is shrinking in size daily.
    • What are the key words and what are the combinations of key words (long tail key words) that will lead them to your web presence?
    • Are they using social networking tools such as LinkedIn to check out your business profile, recommendations from others about your products and services, and your expertise?
    • Are they using rating services sites to see how other consumers recommend or DON'T recommend what you have to offer?
    • Are they using network bookmarking sites to identify the ratings of your marketing content? How popular is your web site or blog articles?
    • Do they measure your quality based on other social media: Facebook fan pages, YouTube videos, presentations on SlideShare or content in Podcasts?

4. Assess your Internet presence.

    • "Do you have a web site?" is first and foremost. But remember, a static web site that may have been traditional years ago will need to be updated to a dynamic content delivery system. Was the last content update over 3 months ago?
    • Do they have ability and desire to subscribe to your electronic newsletter?  They may be an email newsletter and a blog subscription.
    • Do they have ability to check out your expertise from your business blog posts?


5. Now plan to BE there with remarkable content to their questions, wants, needs and interests.

    • Lay the platform/ system for being more dynamic. Move to a web site with a CMS- content management system.  We use the Hubspot integrated inbound marketing system.
    • Start a business blog with remarkable and valuable content - promote it, and get found.
    • Link your content to your Unique Selling Proposition.
    • Engage in the social media where your prospect will be looking. See #3

6. Review, repeat, refine

    • Incorporate Internet presence analytics to measure the basics for trends- web site visits, page visits, time on site
    • Measure the number of responses to your calls to action. How many are taking you up on your offers on the landing pages?
    • How many of these leads are converting to actual customers who buy your products and services?
    • Review the changes in key words used to find your business. 
    • Repeat what is successful, modify for new buyer characteristics and execute.

We offer consulting services in the development of your marketing and Internet presence strategy, along with the tools for action.  Our number is 269-445-3001.

CRM Readiness Assessment - are you ready to discover options and take the next step.

Inbound marketing to attract prospects and extend your Reach across the Internet.

Various ebooks and downloads.

Specific details on ACT by Sage and  Sage SalesLogix CRM solutions.

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