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Getting More from ACT with Executive Management Dashboard

Recently I was working with a small business owner that had been using ACT! for a few months.  He had a few questions on how he could customize his Executive Management Dashboard.  His company had service techs and sales representatives that used ACT! remotely.  As the owner he wanted to be able to:

1. see at a glance what activities each employee had scheduled, 

2. see what new contacts records had been added in the past 10 days, and

3. observe how often sales people and service reps  were synchronizing their remote databases to the main server.  

I agreed that this would give him a better understanding on the productivity of his employees and the daily activities that were being completed within the company.  My suggestion was to also add a "Contact history Count by History Type" Dashboard as well.  This would allow him to see the number of e-mails sent, the opportunities that were updated, calls that were completed, meetings held, quotes that were completed, and much more. 

This was the dashboard module to be displayed:


This was easily accomplished using the following steps:




5. Click on the "Save" button and exit out of the Design Dashboads option


For more tips about getting more out of your ACT! by Sage customer management system send Dick or Julie an email or give us a call: 269-445-3001.

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