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Customer Experience Improvement, Compelling Value Creation, Personal Improvement

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Excellence Everyday - Part II - Excellence Aptitude Test

In Part I our conversation centered on delivering excellence everyday, noting a perception gap of 46% - 50% between the employee's perception and the recipient's (customer's) perception.

Now it's time to GET REAL:Assessment-CRM-Success

Take the following Excellence Aptitude test.  Rank each comment on a 1 - 5 scale where 1 = "Strongly Disagree" and 5 = "Strongly Agree."

1. My workplace strategy is competitive and successful.

2. My boss is competent and a respected leader.

3. I work with people who support my pursuit of excellence.

4. I live up to my excellence potential.

5. I get many compliments for the quality of my work.

6. I can see the results of my work.

7. My work impacts others in a significant way.

8. I am fully responsible for the results of my work.

9. My work is personal and not just business.

10. I have the tools and authority to do my job.

11. In my organization, technology is secondary to people.

12. I always strive to do more for my customers.

13. Decisions are not controlled by senior management.

14. I always do what is right for the customer.

15. My values and the organization's value are fully aligned.

16. I am excited by the results of my work.

17. Everyone can be as great as the top achievers of our century.

18. I can recognize excellence in my daily work.

19. Excellence is not a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

20. I will take risks to do the right thing.


Scoring:  Take the total from above.

20 - 49:  You are a captive of The Excellence Myth, clinging to all the possible excuses for why you cannot deliver excellence.  You believe that your destiny, and therefore your performance, is controlled by outside forces that stop you from living up to your excellence potential.

50 - 79: You try to deliver excellence, but somehow fail to do so.  The good news is that you see your potential.  The bad news is that your excellence performance is misguided.  You need to rethink your definition of excellence and re-evaluate the severity of some of the perceived obstacles.

80 - 100: You refuse to take no for an answer.  Despite the challenges, you areHurray-CRM-Success the potential of your efforts and strive to perform in a superior manner.  You are proud of the impact you have on others and draw personal fulfillment and satisfaction from delivering excellence.  You are on the right path.  Continue to raise the bar and reach new heights of excellence.

Never miss an opportunity for excellence, which is measured one customer at a time. Excellence must be judged by the recipient- not the giver.

Refer back to Part I. Excellence Everyday - Not Really.  Perception Gaps between what the employee thought they were delivering and what the customer perceived they received ranged from 46 - 50% OFF.

Footnote:  These two related posts are adapted from Lior Arussy's book, Excellence Every Day and his inspiration for the need to focus on the customer's experience.

Topics:   Customer Experience Improvement Compelling Value Creation Personal Improvement

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