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Delivering Compelling Value and 7 Step Framework

Delivering Compelling Value to Your Prospects and Customers

Ok folks, we're not talking value here - we are talking about undeniable, influential and sustainable value!

Compelling value changes the customer experience or the results the customer gets from that experience.

To deliver that kind of value, all you need is:

Real market opportunity

The ability to understand your customer better than anyone else does, and

An understanding of where the market and the customers' needs are going.

To identify, manage and even exceed your customers' expectations is the core success philosophy.  This customer-centric strategy involves the use of CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

Use the following to combat the perception gaps between what the employee perceived as given and the customer perceives are value received.


Delivering Compelling Value - The 7 Step Framework Delivery-CRM-Success

1. Be different in a way that really matters to the customers you choose to serve.

Verify what really matters to them - interview, poll, survey.  Just ASK! Then record it in your CRM system.

2. Understand customers better than anyone else and craft the best solution.

What do they desire to accomplish? Know what their needs are now, regularly check in with them, and anticipate their upcoming needs. 

3. Deliver real value throughout the entire customer experience.

From the initial inquiry about your business - be it through a web site, first contact with a sales person or your receptionist - through the delivery of the product/service and any continuing support and service, pay attention.

4. Deliver value with a clear focus and consistent framework.

Have a plan and work it.

5. Deliver the right combination of tangible and intangible value.

Tangible results aren't everything. People buy from people, so relationships are just as important.

6. Build an organization filled with people whose passion is the value youCRM-Success-tools offer, then give them the tools to make a difference.

Select the right people, provide clear expectations and give them the support needed to succeed.

7. Commit to continually raising the bar.

Change or become irrelevant.

Compelling value lifts you above the marketplace crowd, and that's just what you want, right?  Make this more than just a current year goal.

Battle-cry-CRM-SuccessIs your business battle cry about "Delivering Compelling Value"? 

Follow this framework to get started now and trim back perception gaps.

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