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Social Media Use, Social CRM, Building Stronger Relationships

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"I am too old to Learn this Social Media"- OH Really?


Now folks, I'm pushing this 59-year-old frame down the road of life, and I've heard this same "I'm too old" theme every time something new comes out. These days I hear it about social media.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are tools, like a computer or a cell phone, to be used in the best ways possible to extend the reach of your business.  Besides, your brain really is a type of "muscle' that must be used or it begins to atrophy.

Each generation has newer and usually more advanced technology available to it.  People who practice using specific tools get really good at using those tools.  I still remember the first time I was in front of a manual typewriter in high school.  With practice I got better at using the tool, just like you probably have with new tools.

Social media is just another set of tools to communicate and build relationships.  It is the trend that will continue to grow in our hustle-bustle world of time-starved individuals.

The common myths are demolished in the "Are you Too Old for Social Media" post on Hubspot's blog.

Some myths that may resonate with you: 

#2 "I prefer talking to actual people, not websites.  I'm more of a 'people person."

As a person you can build a profile on Twitter or Facebook. You are looking to make connections, build relationships, help others, and grow your business.

That's exactly the kind of person behind almost every single username, avatar, and profile on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn -- A real, living, breathing person, sitting at a desk somewhere with fingers lightly poised on a keyboard.

Just like you. So social media is really tailor-made for a "people person" like you.


#3 "My customers are all baby boomers, like me. They aren't using Twitter or Facebook."

Fact:  The largest, fastest growing group of users on Facebook today is men and women over 55.

Your prospects and customers are using social websites and applications in ever increasing numbers to find products, buy services, answer their questions and solve their problems.  Social CRM systems are now integrating this information into your customer knowledge-base.

Shouldn't you be there to provide answers and solutions when prospects need them?

Wouldn't that be the mature, responsible thing to do?


Topics:   Social Media Use Social CRM Building Stronger Relationships

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