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Are your missing out because sales reps are blind to social media?

Sales-Reps-missing-out-social-mediaIn conversations with my CRM associate and daughter, Julie, we were discussing the rise of social media and how some sales people react. "And Dad, some sales reps are blind to the rise of social media," said Julie. 

A recent study of Business.com found that webinars, podcasts, user ratings and reviews, and corporate profiles on social networks were the most popular media resources used by sales professionals to gain information.

A website alone doesn't cut it anymore. Facebook was the most popular social networking site for business owners, with 83 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations maintaining one or more profiles on Facebook (only 45% do so on Twitter). Business-to-business (B2B) companies on the other hand, have profiles on both sites more or less equally -- 77 percent on Facebook and 73 percent on Twitter.

So what does that all mean to you? Social media is not simply a fleeting curiosity. Participants using social media in their day-to-day jobs visit company or brand profiles on social sites 62 percent of the time, and 55 percent of them search for business information on the social sites.

It must be understood, then, that using available resources across the social media landscape will serve you well.

This isn't just about selling. Customers today expect content and conversations about what matters to them. This is how you establish trust that you have their best interests at heart. The top social sites and related networking sites that I would recommend are: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Ning, and Plaxo.  Additionally you can identify key articles, links, and news stories from sites like Stumbleupon, Technorati, and Digg.

Recommendation: Become familiar with some social networking sites, and then establish your own profiles.

From each, link to the others to increase your traffic and search-engine optimization. Subscribe to blogs, provide helpful content on your pages, and link to anything others produce that you find worth passing on to your network. Use the social network features of your CRM software to help you engage with customers online.  Social media complements your quest for more Success with CRM!

This topic is #11 of our 11 Critical Mistakes Salespeople Make with Their CRM... and How to Avoid Them" article.


More on Critical Mistakes CRM can help reduce or eliminate......


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