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How do the strengths of your products and services match what your prospect or customer wants?

Your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP, should focus on what's distinct about what you offer customers.

Example: the California Milk Processor Board's "Got milk?" Its genius is that it speaks directly to customers' intense dislike of running out of milk.

A strong USP tells in just a few words how your service or product emotionally gratifies your target customers. Its foundation must come from understanding your customers--what motivates them and why they come to you instead of your competition. Ask questions, take surveys, observe, and record all that you learn.

This is where you need good CRM tools. Success with CRM is achieved when you have a trusted system that holds the questions asked and answers received. CRM also can automate this process of gathering responses to surveys.

Your USP comes to life when it connects to the unconscious mind.


Make sure it ties into the most emotionally stimulating elements of your customers' experience with your business. Capture this by following these guidelines:

1. Keep it short--a phrase, not a sentence.

2. Keep it vague enough to leave room for your reader's imagination.

3. Try to convey a positive feeling.

4. Give it impact and emotion--choose your words carefully.

5. Don't define your business as a commodity.

6. Focus on the promise of emotional gratification--the result or benefit--not the work or features you offer.

7. Make it consistent with the general perception of your business and what you've learned about your customers.

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