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The one thing that will derail your 2014 goals and 3 planning keys

As a strategic business coach for TAB, The Alternative Board, there is a helpful exercise that I use with entrepreneurs for their strategic planning and decision process.  The 3 key steps of this process is "Keep, Start, Stop".  The process is quite simple and really provides focus.

In a recent article by Anthony Iannario of the Sales Blog, he provides a helpful explanation and points out the one thing that will derail your 2014 goals.  It is shared here...

Keep-start-stop-CRMKeep- Start - Stop Process

"First, make a list of all things you need to “keep” doing in order to reach your goals. Honestly, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we do that works for us. At this time of year we want to jump into the “start,” we want to rush to the new stuff. But reaching your goals likely doesn’t mean that you have to scrap everything your doing. A lot of what you do now is already producing good results. What do you need to “keep” doing?

Second, make a list of what you need to “start” doing. Look at your goals for 2014. That is where you are going. Look at where you are now. What do you need to start doing to bridge that gap and reach that better future? My hallucination is that you already know what you need to do, that it’s the difficult stuff that no one likes to do. What belongs on your “start” list?

And here is where the action is: your “stop” list. From year to year, we add more and more to our “to do” lists without adding anything to our “to-don’t” lists. If there is one thing that will derail your ability to reach your goals it is going to be your refusal to give up the things that steal your time, your physical energy, and your emotional energy and make room for your priorities. Be honest, what are you hanging on to?

What are the things that you need to “stop” doing in order to reach your goals? What do you do that requires an investment of time and energy and doesn’t produce the results you need? What no longer works?

Go ahead and answer these questions now. Maybe you need to add, “stop procrastinating” to your list? Or maybe you need to add, “stop refusing to take time to work on myself.” Taking ten minutes here will help. While you answer these questions, I’ll talk to sales leaders for a minute.

If you lead a sales organization,

    • Haven’t you added something new to what you require of the sales force every year without subtracting anything?
    • What can you take off their plates?
    • How can you give them back the time they need for the highest value activities necessary to reaching their goals?
    • What did you have them do in the past that no longer makes sense?
    • If you can’t take anything away, where will they find the time they need?

What are you going keep doing, start doing, and stop doing in 2014?

Forward this to anyone you know who could use some help organizing their efforts with a keep, start, stop list. If you want them to sign up to receive this newsletter each Sunday, point them towww.thesalesblog.com/newsletter."  Anthony Iannarino www.thesalesblog.com

CRM strategy involves focused business development around the acquiring, retaining and growing profitable customer relationships.  What need do you need to Keep doing, start doing and more importantly stop doing in 2014 to improve your business development process?

Close this year strong by taking time to work on yourself and set yourself up for an earth-shattering 2014!


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