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Better Decisions - More Agility - Infor CRM Business Analytics

We often "hear" the unspoken request of the desire of business owners, sales professionals and customer service representatives for the capability to make better decisions, faster and easier.  They know their CRM database system has valuable information to be harvested.

More business agility from better decisions

You have a wealth of information about your prospects and customers gathered over several years of business activity.  Now you want a better way to analyze this information, to gather new insights and improve the management of your business.

Yes you are even one of the lucky ones and have been successful with your Sage SalesLogix CRM system implementation.  Users of the CRM system are successfully engaging with prospects, the customer experience is evolving but sales have been rather flat over the last few years.

Now is the time to do a little digging around to see what you can find in your CRM knowledge database and hey, maybe even link in customer product sales history from your accounting system.

For example, Infor CRM has several options to get a view of what is happening in your business.  Many business owners will start with reports of the newest opportunities, those recently won or lost sales opportunities, and their customer year to date sales listings.


Personalized Management Dashboard

Having a personalized dashboard is another place to gain better decisions and gain agility. Quickly view those key performance metrics that are important to your business.


Advanced Analytics to the Rescue

But wait you can go even further.....  Infor CRM has Advanced Analytics capabilities.  Accurately and securely monitor performance across critical business functions such as production orders from the shop floor, AR aging history from your Accounting system, or trends of sales across your customers' geography.

Click on the video below for an executive overview.  More information on advanced visualizations can be found here....

When you need the capability for better decisions, faster and easier - consider giving us a phone call (269-445-3001).

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