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Best Practices to optimize Sales Process and using Infor CRM

Sales & CRM Performance - Analysis by CSO Insights to apply with Infor CRM

Work from the Same successful Sales Playbook.....

Create a process that would get everyone in the company wide sales organization using the same process, aligned to the buyers' processes. 

  • Use just-in-time sales training applications to enforce and reinforce skills and competencies.  Consistent effort is key. 

  • Messaging should come from why your company exits rather than what your company does.  Delivering a consistent and powerful message is key (Don’t send out mixed messages).

  • Engage in Market Place Training.  When all else fails, ask the customer. Commit to actually training your sales force in specific and ongoing ways.  Institute customer advisory boards and learn from listening to your customers. 

  • Use mobile devices during the sales call to help justify the purchase.  Leverage technology during the sales call.

  • Ask about their changing market place demands. Trends they are dealing with and problems they are encountering.

  • Plan to include Mobile CRM applications training in your CRM training.  Increase the percentage of sales reps who use the application as part of their daily workflow.  Reps are becoming more and more Mobile, including leaving companies that are not supporting what they consider to be current best practices.

  • As more sophisticated point solutions such as configure, price, quote (CPQ) are implemented, more training, support, reinforcement and enforcement are needed to ensure these tools do not remain unused or underutilized.

  • Record training Webinars so that reps can access them later when they are actually trying to use the application and/or find something in particular. We find that our clients can increase user adoption and improve efficiency by having helpful, short "How To" videos using their actual CRM.

  • Provide a live support line or support person of the day, available to call or text beyond normal business hours.


Infor CRM Opportunity, Sales Process example:

Your business probably has different product lines for different target markets. Thus a sales opportunity for one market will need a different sales process.  Infor CRM allows the CRM administrator to setup different sales processes that can then be chosen for the related product/market. 



Review to Leverage Social Selling...

Look to leverage social selling to gain real, impactful results.  Social is augmenting, if not replacing, phone calls and emails especially in B2B environment in non-regulated industries linked software, manufacturing and professional services.

Integrated Social selling with CRM is “being part of the conversation” that is occurring and ongoing, allowing reps to get in on the ground floor of Social selling to proactively strengthen their position and demonstrate their industry expertise.

  • Social engagement and selling applications if used properly can generate considerable leverage.  Again training is key.
  • Allowing sales reps to participate in LinkedIn groups, social networks and leveraging proactive alerts enable reps to beat the competition and influence prospects through online peer presence.
  • Ground managers in sales training to greatly influence their ability to coach it.  There’s plenty of upside to be leveraged. 
    • Senior Management defines the sales culture – “the way we do business around here”.  They need to make sure the training is relevant and incorporated into your culture.
    • Teach managers coaching skills and invest in them being truly versed in the Methodology the company has adopted.  If you really want them to learn it, have them teach the sales training.
    • For this process to be successful: They must have been successful as reps and/or managing their team and they must believe in the approach they’ll by presenting.


Visually identify progress of the sales process on your Infor CRM sales dashboard




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