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Complex Selling Made More Effective with an integrated Configure, Price and Quote system with Infor CRM

Modern day Business to Business selling often includes increasingly complex goods and services to the market. With contemporary configure / price / quote solution baked into your CRM based sales workflow, companies are empowering their sellers and channel partners with significant advantages over their CPQ-less competitors.

Recent Aberdeen Research indicated that a companyusing CPQ has significant benefits in reduction in contract/proposal generation error rates, increases in customer renewal rates and increases in Lead conversion rates compared to those companies not using a CPQ solution..


Valuable benefits that Endeavor CPQ provides to small and medium businesses:

  • Rich content for sales rep or to the field distributor (reseller channels)
  • Integrate with Cross and up-sell options
  • Guided selling for speed and correctness
  • Collect products into configurations for a quote
  • Discount or markup at item level, configuration level or at entire quote
  • CPQ quote feeds the Saleslogix opportunity with right products
  • Generate a well branded quote/proposal using various templates
  • Optional approval engine:   Allow management for approval of increased discounts
  • Integration with Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Product catalog and sales opportunities


According to Aberdeen research the CPQ-enabled companies had several advantages over their non-CPQ competitors...




as compared to All Others.  

Read the full Report: Configure-Price-Quote: Better, Faster Sales Deals Enabled  and visit the Aberdeen Group for published research that help businesses improve their performance.


The bottom line:  In addition to these skills-based advantages, sales forces deploying CPQ report a year-over-year metrics favoring CPQ use include customer renewal and lead conversion rates.  What are you waiting for?


Read 3 success stories that demonstrate the value of CPQ for growing a more profitable and productive business.

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