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The following is a guest post from our friends at Blue Star IT Services & Solutions in Goshen, IN.  We thought this provides fresh ideas on making a change for a better performing and secure network.

Are you afraid to rip off the Band-Aid?

Finding the right IT provider can be a little bit painful, but in the end, it's Band-aid-Just-Rip-it.pngfor your own good!

We all know the deal with Band-Aids - it sure hurts to take them off, but it's what needs to be done, right? The same goes with switching IT providers - as painful as it can be to make the switch, in the end, it's what's best for you. That means making the necessary switch from break-fix to managed services.


The reality is that managed services from an expert Managed Services Provider are simply better for you and your business. With break-fix services, it’s in the IT provider’s best interest to take more time to fix your technology issues so they can up charge you and make more money. That means more downtime, more expenses, and further disruption of business.

With ongoing managed services, it's in both you and your MSP's best interests to get your IT issues resolved correctly and expeditiously. What's more, you can budget for your annual IT maintenance costs and won't have to worry about surprise or inflated bills.

So what should you look for in an MSP? Make sure that...

  • They follow industry standards and best practices.
  • Their technicians are certified in the latest IT solutions and services.
  • They understand the industry you work in.
  • You can contact them 24/7/365.  
  • They document work and will share these documents with you so you know what services or equipment have been provided.  
  • You feel that you can trust them with your technology, and furthermore, your business interests.

What are the benefits you can expect from the right MSP?

  • Proactive Service. The right MSP will proactively monitor your IT system to ensure it runs at peak performance, and will detect issues before they become major problems. They will monitor and maintain your system silently in the background as you work, both day and night, so your business stays up and running no matter what. 
  • Predictable Expenses. With an MSP, you will always pay the same fixed monthly fee - no more surprise IT expenses. If you do need additional solutions beyond the monthly service, they'll sit down with you and help you plan for them in a way that meets your budget, both short and long-term. 
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed. The right MSP will do whatever it takes to ensure you're completely satisfied with their services and support. If they don't fix things right the first time, they'll come back and try again, free of charge.

So, the question is - are you getting all this and more from your current IT support provider? Or is it time to rip off that Band-Aid and make a change for the better?

Click here to download the FREE eBook on this topic right now. For more information, get in touch with Blue Star right away at (574) 975-0767 or info@bluestarpro.com 


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