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Controlling Your Own Destiny

Join the Infor CRM webinar Wednesday, June 3 at 11 am Eastern.


Infor CRM 8.2 is about to be released and we're excited to show you the new features which provide you more control and greater flexibility with your CRM experience.



Join the 30-minute webinar to be among the first to witness the enhanced filter and group management tools, innovative self-service features, new language selector, and import options with configurable field mapping.

During the live webinar the Infor CRM Product team will talk through a live demo of Infor CRM 8.2, sharing specific details about the value of the latest updates including:

  • Enhanced user interface styling and behaviors with adjusted text boxes, grids, navigation menu and personalized options.
  • New import tools for contacts and accounts using CSV, Outlook, and other delimited file formats with configurable field mapping.
  • Web User login audit logging.
  • Ways to create new filters and new metrics via Web Admin roles so you don't have to rely on Application Architect.
  • Developments with our Group Manager allowing you to share groups and group ownership, delete groups, and reassign groups.


Infor CRM 8.2 Welcome Dashboard:




Filter Manager Infor CRM 8.2:



Group Manager Infor CRM 8.2:



Attend the live presentation to see the latest and greatest capabilities in Infor CRM 8.2 and how you can get your hands on this phenomenal release.

For more information give us a call: 269-445-3001 and register for the event.


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