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Better analytics tools to enable ROI

Marketers are increasingly calling for better analytics tools to enable their ROI analysis and reporting. In the March 2016 eMarketers’ study, marketers ranked Business Intelligence technology as their most likely technology investment for the coming year. Recognizing the need for companies to find a better way to monitor trends, make improvements and identify marketing’s contribution to the pipeline, Salesfusion created the Advanced Analytics platform.

Marketers need data, but data on its own can get very overwhelming and provide minimal value. The key to unlocking the true value of your data is advanced analytics from within your marketing automation system and CRM systems like Infor CRM.

Advanced Analytics is built with the data-driven marketer in mind. The Advanced Analytics suite uses a uniquely powerful tool to give companies real-time insights to market more intelligently. Download Salesfusion Advanced Analytics brochure for more information on how you can be empowered to confidently put winning campaigns into place and become a true data-driven marketer.


Key Features

  • Fully interactive dashboards allow you to easily build and source data from any of your marketing initiatives.  All dashboards are completely mobile responsive, giving your access anywhere, any time.
  • The custom reporting enables user to pull any data set you'd like from marketing campaigns, pages and forms, scoring, custom fields, etc.
  • The visualization engine, a powerful set of charting tools, is ultimately customizable and available in a variety of visualizations - bar and line graphs, funnel reports, maps, etc.
  • Save, share and embed content with your team and collaborate directly in the tools throughout the entire editing process.  Users can easily export and schedule delivery of completely customized reports or dashboards




You no longer have to be a data analysist to get powerful data and put it to use! Users have the capacity to build high-quality charts for effective visualizations.

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Learn more about the Salesfusion Smart Marketing automation solution.

Salesfusion arms marketers with advanced analytics to improve ROI, press release

More thought leadership on advanced analytics:

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