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An Integrated Business is a Successful Business- Value of CRM

Developing a more successful business and enjoying the life of an entrepreneur is most often the key objectives I hear as a business coach and CRM systems implementer.  Taking a business to the next level does require an integrated business - a business with a system to acquire, develop and retain profitable customers with the ability to integrate information from various data sources.


Aberdeen Group report stated that "businesses integrating disparate systems enjoy an 88% greater year-over-year increase annual revenue compared to others".

Inherit capabilities built within Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) and the long term road map to keeping the business growth possible  are key reasons that we have focused on the successful design, implementation and support of Infor CRM  for our clients. 

An Integrated Business is a Successful Business:

  • Rely on Infor CRM as the hub of your commercial operations by creating rich customer profiles built by capturing information and interactions from across your organization and from external sources.

  • Integration with business management applications, desktop productivity tools and web services empowers everyone in your organization – from sales and marketing, to accounting and finance, to support and shipping – to work together, efficiently, in the business of building profitable customer relationships.

  • Increase productivity by enabling employees to interact with other applications they use every day – in context of the tasks they are performing – seamlessly from within Infor CRM. Provide information access for the sales force on the move with  Infor CRM Mobile.

  • Enjoy a low total cost of ownership (TCO) driven by integration standards that are non-proprietary, upgrade-friendly, highly configurable, and secure.

  • Provide a holistic 360 degree view of how the business is operating and what each customer relationship entails.



Integrate with Critical Business Management Applications:

  • Gain customer insight and increase productivity across your organization by providing a complete view of customer interactions, eliminating duplicate entry, ensuring clean and consistent data and reducing inter-departmental inquiries.

  • Integrate  Infor CRM with critical business management applications such as ERP, accounting, industry-specific solutions, manufacturing, HR and more.

  • View and share data in real-time such as invoices, pricing and order information, credit status, payments and returns. Information entered in another system can be viewed instantly from within Infor CRM.

  • Grow your business and provide an exceptional customer experience by enabling employees to quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, locate pricing and availability of products, generate accurate quotes and proposals and assist customers with order and shipment status.  


Yes, a business with integrated systems provides business development and relationship building. This is a core key strategy in creating long lasting and predictable value in your business.  
Thus a successful CRM system becomes an appreciating asset of the business!

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