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The Success with Your CRM Experience

You may be asking, what is the Infor Success with CRM Experience? It’s actually exactly what it sounds like: an Disney-Remarkable-Experience-Ahha.jpgexperience. It’s the care, attention, and commitment we give to our client’s to ensure their CRM success. Walt Disney got it right - it is all about the remarkable experience.

With 30+ years of experience as business success advisers and entrepreneurs, we understand the often complex and challenges businesses face. Sometimes those challenges are how to attract more ideal prospects. At other times it could be how to find more effective ways to measure sales performance. But ultimately, we understand that in addressing these needs and many others, your CRM experience should result in you growing a more profitable business. 

What we also understand is that in order to have this kind of success, your CRM-business growth partner should possess a competent mix of knowledge, creativity, skill, flexibility, and reliability. For us, a successful CRM experience for our clients is built on five pillars and starts from the onset of our client-partner relationship and continues on an ongoing basis. 

1. Intense listening and questioning

Everything starts with truly taking stock of a your business needs and what you expect. We take the time to Most-trusted-person-Tom-Hanks.jpglisten and ask the kind of questions that will help us determine how our CRM system can both satisfy your business needs and provide the most value for you and your potential customers. Central to this process is interviewing key stakeholders and users in your business. These conversations center on how our CRM system can make their jobs easier and more efficient. We talk about functions and features and explore ways to solve problems, improve processes, and reduce cost. 

Our goal here is to help you develop a more systematic and practical approach to how you run, manage and measure your business and nurture clients.

2. Concern for business success with CRM both professionally and personal for the users

Many people say it, but not everyone shows it. We show our concern for your business success by being involved and accessible at every stage of your CRM experience. After taking stock of your needs and expectations and then providing the solutions to address them, we see to it that users get proper training and ongoing support. Many times the failure of a CRM is due to users not receiving training and not getting their questions answered, if at all. The result is often that they reject the CRM and conclude that it doesn’t work and worse, makes their job more difficult. These are the people tasked with using the CRM system everyday to perform their job. This makes it critically important for them to have all of the training and resources needed for a seamless transition and increased comfort with your CRM. 

3. Understanding of simplification

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” – Albert Einstein

Now we don’t claim to be geniuses, but we take pride in the fact that we understand the need for simplification. Though business needs can be complex, the Success with CRM experience is meant to be easy and simple. From the design, the way it’s used, the ways it’s customized and enhanced for project management, reporting or invoicing purposes, we keep the user experience at the forefront.

4. Expertise in how to transition to CRM

Transitioning from organizing prospect and customer details in a contact management system to adopting a CRM system is a considerable shift in how each department in your business will operate. This is because the needs of each department are different and will use your data and the CRM system differently as your business shifts from data-centric to customer-centric. 

With nearly 30 years of practical experience, we’ve helped a variety of different businesses using different contact management systems transition on to fully functional CRM systems. 

Not all data can be migrated one-to-one because not every field that may be required in the CRM system existed in the contact management system. Our experience is in figuring out how to best use the current data in the CRM system in ways that are useful to multiple segments of a client’s business. This sometimes requires customization, but more than anything having a clear understanding what data users need, and how they want to interact with it when utilizing the system. 

The needs of the sales teams will differ from those of marketing or customer service. So we ask some initial questions:

  • What segments of the client’s business will use the CRM system?

  • How does each segment need to use data?

  • What data does each segment care most about the most to help them do their job?

  • How can our system best support and operate optimally for each segment?

  • What customizations need to be made to deliver solutions to each segment? 

From the movie Toy Story, do you remember how Buzz and Woody interacted?  They adapted and transitioned in their  different roles and they worked with their band of fellow toys to get things done as a team.



5. Use our own CRM system

The last pillar, which serves as a type of checks and balance for Success with CRM, is the fact that we use our own system. Using our Creatio CRM or  Infor (Saleslogix) CRM solutions provides us intimate knowledge of all aspects of its functionality and capability, but also informs us on where the system can be enhanced and further customized for client use. As customers needs evolve, we have the insight and flexibility of how to adapt. This can be directly credited to the investment of time, resources, and energy that we put into getting the best out of the system everyday for our own success.


When ready to delve more into understanding the options you have give me a call:  269-445-3001 or schedule an conference call. 

What we provide for our clients.....


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