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Advanced CRM Strategy for Nonprofit

Why a Major Nonprofit Wants to Advance a CRM Strategy: Addressing their use case

You’re probably aware that a CRM strategy is all about building solid relationships. That’s why nonprofits benefit from CRM, too. They’ve got relationships with donors, volunteers, and members to nurture, and the result they want is loyal support and more sustainable funding.

CRM Impacts relationship among people

Nonprofit staff often operate on or just over the edge of overwhelm. Even if they are deeply committed to a cause, they need to feel supported and valued, and they more likely will when they have the same quality tools to help them do their jobs as their for-profit brothers and sisters. For them, they’re out to transform their communities, and they struggle to do it with inadequate systems.

We recently had the opportunity to submit a proposal for a partnership with a good-sized nonprofit. They already had a CRM, plus several other systems to handle donations, memberships, and communications. But they are on the cusp of significant growth, and they know they needed a truly integrated system that could grow with them and support their transformation.

Identify the Key Objectives and Outcomes for Success

Here are the key objectives they told us they needed their CRM strategy to bring home:

  • Improved constituent experience including targeted communications and offers
  • Increased engagement that would result in more visits, higher donations, and more members and volunteers
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of their staff.

They require a system that can meet the needs of ticketing and gift shop sales, development and fundraising, and marketing and communication, in addition to providing administrative and management support.

Specifically, they need a lifetime 360-degree view of all their constituents and their interactions with the organization. Each contact record needs the option of addresses for multiple residences, including which one to use during which seasons of the year. The notes section needs lots of room, with an option to attach documents, and must be filterable for key phrases. Compatibility with financial workflow is essential to capture and track all donation types, activity, and patterns. The development team must be able to see gift history in chronological order. Email communications must flow smoothly and be managed directly from the CRM, with nurture campaign automation and social media integration.


Chronological Timeline of all communication and touches

Account history timeline bpmonline CRM


Select a Agile system that will grow as your organization grows

This organization knows no one system will come straight “out of the box “perfectly suited to them. Plus, they don’t want what they choose now to become outdated in a couple of years, especially as they are adding programs and entering a major fundraising campaign. The system they choose needs to be something a citizen developer within the organization can adapt on the fly to meet changing needs.

Sounds like a tall order, right? But as they started researching CRM’s, Creatio rose to the top.  They are ready to transform, and Creatio is built to help organizations, nonprofit or for-profit, accelerate their transformation.


Foundation organization account detail in Creatio

Account Details - Foundation


This organization has been around the CRM block a time or two, too. Their leadership wisely recognizes that an expert, experienced CRM partner is key to a successful CRM implementation, so we included a full profile of our services in our proposal to them. They are having a positive impact on education and science in their region, and we look forward to contributing to the success of their CRM strategy.  

Select a partner to help guide and facilitate the implementation

The value of our partnership and a low-code Creatio CRM system is the foundation we lay for business development and process management, and the wings we give an organization that is ready to transform. What could that mean to you?

Yes You Can make the smart CRM decision

Contact us today to let us know your goals and let’s talk about the path to get you there.

Contact Us

Ready, set – accelerate!  




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