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Advanced Business Alerts and Workflow with TaskCentre for Saleslogix

Receive real-time alerts of critical events; ensuring your organization is compliant and always one step ahead.

Organizations today need to ensure that they are instantly notified of changing situationsbusiness_people_shaking_hands
before or as they happen, enabling them to make better informed decisions based upon critical data events.

In today’s information age, organizations now manage an ever increasing array of information systems, which inherently possess little or no functionality to generate notifications based upon data events or criteria.

TaskCentre for Saleslogix provides comprehensive tools and design capabilities to integrate with Saleslogix to provide people with the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions; whenever and wherever they are located.

The technological superiority of TaskCentre for Saleslogix’s Advanced Business Alerts provider’s organizations with a cost effective and simple way to extend the basic alerting capabilities.

Advanced Business Alerts can come in the form of HTML Emails, SMS Text Messages or Fax and popular examples include open opportunities with no activities set or service calls approaching due date.


Optimize employee productivity by intelligently routing workflow tasks to individuals or teams to gather valuable input decisions and response feedback.

More than ever, organizations today are striving to achieve efficient, consistent and measurable processes as a pre-requisite to delivering quality to their customers.

Workflow enforces consistency in the organization’s processes and can therefore play a fundamental part in the acceleration of company performance and the development of a sustainable competitive advantage. Yet, to date, most traditional Workflow systems are reliant on the individual to identify and start a workflow process rather than this being dynamic, event-driven and integrated with their own systems.

The problems caused by traditional approaches to Workflow are also exacerbated by the number of people and departments that business processes can cross and, therefore, the requirement for intelligent Workflow functionality is high on the IT agenda.

Through TaskCentre for SalesLogix, organizations are able to add Workflow capabilities to SalesLogix, which immediately increases productivity, eradicates administrative waste and enhances stakeholder relationships.


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