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ACT v16! Compatibility with Microsoft newest releases and increased effeciency features!

Updated Compatibility

Act! v16 (2014) is supported with: Microsoft Office 2013 (32-bit version) and Google Chrome browsers (using Act! Premium for Web).

Compared to earlier versions, Act! v16 is supported with 'click to run' installations and desktop versions of Microsoft Office 2013 installed via an Office 265 subscription.

Running Windows 8?  No problem, Act! v16 supports the Windows 8.0 OS and will be finishing their testing on the 8.1 release early 2014.


Usability and system improvements for speed and peace of mind.

Act! v16 introduces Scheduler Notifications, designed to proactively notify you of the success or failure of system events like backups and sync, based on rules you define.  Now you can also reschedule activities en masses and take advantage of streamlined Act! web Client configuration capabilities.

New ACT! Calculated Fields

Apply new fields to your Act! database that automatically calculate values for:

  • Dates:  Like a contacts age, days since last contact and days until agreement exportation date.
  • Numeric Calculated on Financial Fields: Calculate commissions on sales opportunity values and gross margin.  Fields can be displayed in decimal, currency or number format.

Reschedule Multiple Activities


Automatically Creates Company Records

Effortlessly link all contacts at a company to benefit from a consolidated view of notes, history, and activities for everyone you do business iwth.  Act! v16 can automatically link existing and new contacts to company records so YOU DON"T have to! 

Market and sell intelligently, because you're informaed and prepared based on a complete view of all contact interactions at a company, and save time by performing global actions like emailing and scheduling.  Company records are automatically created when the first contact is created - both in the office and using Act! Premium Mobile.