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Accelerate with Creatio: It adapts as fast as you want it to

The most common reason that clients come to us is to have a more capable, well-used CRM system that works purposely for their business. Basically they have outgrown their current system. This was the case for People 2.0. 

People 2.0: A business process outsourcing provider for staffing and recruiting industry.

Their challenges:

  • They had outgrown their CRM. Staff had not adopted it well, and it was limiting their growth.
  • They needed a solution that fully integrated sales, marketing, and service.
  • They needed a CRM that was fully customizable for staffing and recruiting, including management of multiple pipelines for various products.

What they gained with Creatio:

  • Employees like its user-friendly interface and have bought into its adoption. Productivity has increased by 30 percent.
  • They now know exactly which marketing is working or not and can adjust it accordingly.
  • With a fully integrated solution, they can maximize their customer experience, from stranger to repeat customer.
  • The fully customizable solution won’t hold them back but rather will support their growth.

Single platform to accelerate sales, marketing, and service.


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