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A sales pilot to guide informed conversations using Infor CRM

It is important to have sales acceleration tools that work inside Infor CRM to guide the sales conversations, apply consistency so nothing is forgotten and to auto record the notes for historical reference.

Sales Pilot is an extension of InboxGuru and adds a true sales engagement tool to the system for your sales team.  The solution helps your sales team by allowing them to create and/or manage highly personalized lead and prospect communications.  

Sales pilot sales pallet view helps your sales team set and execute on a series of phone and email communications for large or small sales teams.  It helps the managers plan out a cadence of communications with prospects for the sales team. It helps the sales professional organize and prioritize their day. More on sales acceleration....

Using Sales pilot and call down list


InboxGuru Sales Pilot for Infor CRM.png

A priority "Call Down" list, close up view:

Sales Pilot priority Call down InboxGuru.png

When "Log Call" is clicked you can see the call script from the campaign flow.  This information is automatically used to update the contact's conversation history.  This will give the sales person the information they will need to have a successful phone call.


Sales Pilot Log call campaign flow InboxGuru.png

History is logged and the screen is refreshed for the next call.

Call history from Sales pilot InboxGuru.png

How to setup a Sales Pilot campaign

Sales Pilot starts with a sequence of emails and calls using the Inbox Guru campaign designer.

Here we have a seriSales Pilot flow InboxGuru.pnges of emails and phone calls that may apply to a dynamic group such as My Leads inside Infor CRM.  New leads would be automatically enrolled at the top of the flow with a preset email series using a merge field to personalize a contact's message.

Email campaign Merge fields InboxGuru.png

Integrate Call Script example:

Call Script Sales Pilot InboxGuru.png

All emails are tracked for opens and clicks and the email is recorded back to the lead or contact record history. In addition, call scripts are setup to help the salesperson along the way by giving them background and objectives of the call.

Finally you can define actions along the way such as creating an email reminder.  Once you activate it you rarely need to touch it again. 

Watch this short video on Sales Pilot in action


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