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A Promise Delivered on Affordable and Integrated CRM

Too many businesses have separated sales, marketing, and service operations.  Silos of information cause lack of productivity with your staff and frustrated customers who are waiting for the right answers.

Problems Solved

Often times, many people are frustrated by the lack of integration and automation within the CRM market. Below is a list of major problems that ConvergeHub solves.



  • Most existing CRMs for SMBs do NOT deliver on the original Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) promise–a single affordable and integrated system for Sales, Marketing, HR and Support…to manage your team, build your business and manage all your customer relationships.

  • Many are silo, or desktop apps that don’t help all your team, or require too much expense to integrate.

  • Other popular CRMs only have baseline features, or require “enterprise” versions to do much of anything, and then need expensive al-la-cart add-ons to help your different departments. Often doubling or tripling the cost–way out of range for most SMBs.

  • There are a few so-called integrated CRMs that are pieced together from different acquired companies and have completely different interfaces–requiring years to fix the usability

  • And finally, many CRMs, disparate or integrated, don’t speed up your work with business or marketing automation (unless you again pay for even more add-ons).

ConvergeHub solves all of this. Your small to medium business can have access to all of these features to manage your sales, marketing, support, billing and HR needs, with a unified, full-featured, yet extremely easy-to-use CRM that is priced within reach.


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Unite your sales, marketing and service teams for effective collaboration. Execute in delivering an excellent customer experience that engages your employees.

5 Main Reasons to Consider ConvergeHub CRM Software

  • Full Featured CRM – a major player   

  • ConvergedCRM – everything is pre-integrated

  • Built-in Business Automation – does the work for you

  • Absolute Easiest to Use CRM – benchmarks prove it!

  • Price Performance Leader – easily within reach



#1 Full Featured CRM

ConvergeHub CM software has all the features of the most popular CRMs - plus more.  In addition, the features are optimized for small to medium businesses that have the same needs as the large corporations - but don't have massive budgets to integrate or pay for expensive add-ons.  Features include:

  • Sales Force Automation. Nurture your leads, view their contacts, activity history, communication, closely manage your deals and win more sales in Chicago

  • Marketing Automation. Broadcast your marketing messages through multiple channels such as email, SMS, twitter. Attract more prospects and generate more leads for your sales team in Chicago..

  • Customer Service Case Management. Track and quickly respond to all customer issues and questions. Helps you provide better Customer Service and create happy customer relationships.

  • Document Management and Collaboration. Store all your files and documents and share them with internal team members or external partners. Keep track of all Customers’ documents in one place.

  • Partner Management. Use ConvergeHub CRM to track Partners and receive referrals from them, or refer deals to partners for fulfillment. Work closely with your Partners to generate more leads or fulfill more deals.

  • Project Management. Use ConvergeHub CRM software to manage projects, milestones, tasks and resources in Chicago. Deliver Projects on time and within budget.

  • Invoicing and Payments. Create invoices for products and services and track payments received. Get paid on time and manage your cash flow.

  • Reports and Dashboards. Generate custom Reports and Dashboards to view data of all departments. Know how the company and various departments are performing.

  • Create custom fields, tabs, page layout, templates, workflow rules, sales process. Quickly adapt ConvergeHub to suit your business and the way you work. IT knowledge not required.

  • 3rdparty integrations. Integrate with Docusign, QuickBooks, Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, Gotomeeting, Fax, Click to Call, and more. Includes all the major CRM features integrated–but also allows you to integrate with best-of-class applications to avoid double entry.

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