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#1 Succeed where others fail with CRM

Just a decade ago, fewer than half of sales organization's took advantage of CRM, but today, nearly 83% have implemented CRM.1 Achieving a competitive advantage is no longer about being the first of your peers to deploy a CRM system; it's about making the wisest use of customer information to evolve your sales, marketing, and customer service best practices.

CRM can only help improve sales and the customer experience if it’s fully and consistently adopted throughout the organization. Many companies have implemented CRM solutions, but too often, actual adoption and usage among employees remains low.

In a recent survey of sales and marketing professionals, 87% indicated they were required to use CRM, but 79% of those professionals admit they just “check the box” to satisfy their bosses.2  Adoption requires more than forcing employees to check the box. Employees need to add real value by inputting useful information into the CRM system and following business processes that take advantage of its capabilities.



Instead of getting maximum value from CRM, 79% of employees admit they just "check the box" to satisfy superiors.2

The secret to successful deployment:

Is there a secret to successful CRM deployment?  In many ways, the "X" factor is you.

That X factor is your company's unique value proposition, your way of doing business, and how you build relationships that drives your success.

A new CRM solution will contribute to your organization's success only in a much as it can help enhance what makes your company unique.  To win more sales and increase profitability, a CRM system needs to help you scale up your company's success factors and deliver the same great experience to more customers.


#2  Create a solid Implementation plan

Before you begin evaluating CRM systems, do some careful planning.  Inf fact, do a lot of planning. Consider how you will be using a CRM system in your organization, so that you can roll out it the right way and in the right business areas.

Review your existing business processes. Do they work?  You don't want to automate the 'cow path' as I mention in the 18 requirements for business success with CRM.  Are your people productive and efficient? If yes, don't change those processes.  Don't choose a CRM solution that forces you to work differently in order the use the software.

The right CRM business partner can give you a lot of good ideas for creating efficient, automated workflows in sales, marketing, and customer service.  These CRM specialists like we are for Creatio CRM and Business Process Management.


# 3 Choose a highly flexible solution

Your CRM solution must have the flexibility to adapt to the way you already do business. That's what will help your new CRM grow and adapt as your business changes.  It's the best way to ensure the long term viability of your CRM investment.

Choose a solution designed to maximize flexibility while minimizing complexity. Selecting a CRM solution with adaptive architecture can help your organization. Is it designed with open architecture that makes it easy to integrate the CRM system with your other business solutions?  How about Quick Books accounting integrations?  How about Microsoft Outlook or Google email integration?

Creatio Contact - activity history

Contact_Activites_History_Creatio CRM

#4 Choose a CRM system that's easy to personalize

CRM must adapt and evolve -Creatio CRM

Give your team a CRM solution that works the way they do.  Your CRM system will need to work naturally within your business processes. And where it doesn't, you'll want a system that you can configure and personalize without having to involve your IT department every time you want to make a change.

View the list of tailored CRM capabilities we have added for clients in the last 5- 10 years. This can be more easily available when the CRM system is flexible, adaptable and configurable like Infor CRM.


#5 - # 8  Download the full document for the next ways to make your CRM Sticky and Well-Used




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Are you on the right path to CRM success? Infor CRM is here to help you make the right CRM decision.

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