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Recently Geoffrey James at Inc. Magazine wrote the article: "8 Easy Ways to Embrace Change". I totally Be_a_catalyst_for_action_and_changeagree with his statement: "Mediocre companies struggle with change. Great ones evolve to meet new challenges."

Being able to "Manage change" is just not good enough in today's business world. Instead, you have to 'love' change and to be in that state of mind, you need to know how to adapt to change and use it to your advantage. He states 8 new rules:


1. Have a long-term vision but short-term plans.  Long term is only a year at the most.  Your focus needs to be on the next few steps.

2. Decide quickly rather than thoroughly. It's always better to make the "wrong' decision quickly and then adjust tactics than to make the "right' decision when it's too late to matter.  Have a bias for action.

3. Build small, autonomous teams. Small product-focused teams make it harder to hide problems. This creates an early warning system so that you can fix it more quickly.

4. Draw on your own team's collective wisdom. This is where we have seen CRM data input from various departments really enhance the value of knowledge about customers and the issues that get reported in working with your business.  Additionally the top sales reps can share insights on winning opportunities and strategies against competitors. This access to shared wisdom increases the value of CRM in the eyes of users and management,

5. Keep assignments fluid and flexible. We have moved from the traditional wisdom of the boss conducting employees.  In today's fast moving markets it makes more sense to think of your organization as a jazz ensemble, where everyone knows the basic song, improvising as needed.

6. Throw away those org chartsEmployees should be constantly forming and reforming into teams that accomplish tasks at hand, not wasting time in political struggles over some boxes on a screen

7. Alternate between crunch and slack. Being permanently in "overdrive' burns everyone out. Plan some fun, relating time in between to re-fuel and refocus.

8. Demand achievement rather than compliance.  Implement a R.O.W.E., results oriented work environment.  Its' more important to get the great work accomplished instead of filling that office chair from 9 am - 5 pm, isn't it?

Read the full article, here....


People First CRM

Over the years we have observed how a business can accelerate success when the business focuses on the people first when using a successful CRM support system. The employees in the whole organization are more engaged in providing extra value to the customer who remembers the positive experience. 

The lack of employee engagement is a tremendous cost to business. A 2008 survey of 90,000 employees in 18 countries that found that only 20% were fully engaged - thus 80% of the workforce is not fully engaged in the role they have. 

The companies with the most engaged employees reported a 19% increase in operating income and 28% growth in earnings per share.   Also 90% of these employees have no plans of leaving.

Those with the lowest levels of engagement had a 32% decline in operating income, and their earnings dropped more than 11%. Also 50% of these employees were considering leaving.

So make sure the fear of change is not a big cause and that your people have the mindset and skills to adapt.

Greater business traction occurs from a valuable knowledge database in CRM and with engaged employees happily serving rewarding customers.


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