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8 Signs You Need SalesLogix CRM Instead of ACT! contact management

Analyzing improvements in your customer and business development systems needs to occur at different points in the growth of your business.  Use the following as sign posts, milestones in a way, to help determine if your ACT! contact and customer management system needs an upgrade to SalesLogix CRM....

  1. SalesLogix or Sage ACT!You need integrated customer service and support capabilities.  There is a high value on the need to identify areas, categories, and specific issues relating to customers and providing a quick, smart resolution. Your business can benefit from capturing this insight from customers - to provide better products and services plus leave them with that all important, positive customer experience.
  2. You have multiple people in your organization who deal with multiple people in a prospective or current customer's business.  Your primarily sell in a B2B (Business to Business) environment and not directly to retail consumers.

  3. You need to verify security capabilities that allow you to control who can find, view, and edit specific information.  For example, sales reps in a Midwest region aren't allowed to see company accounts in a Western U.S. region, but the sales manager and national accounts manager can see all the companies and communications.

  4. You need and can benefit from built in business reporting capabilities. There is set of core build-in-reports which can be easily modified to your business. Or your need rather sophisticated reports that access information from many data sources but need to show summary totals, counts and averages.

  5. Your business needs to manage and access a master product catalog and possibly serialized products with one or more pricing levels.  The products must be identified per customer account sold to. Also there may be additional product service and support issues linked to the purchased products.

  6. You need the ability to create or customize for new types of data entities (tables). The data may not always link to companies and contacts or it may have multiple records related to one account, contact, opportunity or service ticket. For example, you need to identify contacts that have taken one or more training courses. Another is the need to identify a complex IT Network system and its components that are sold to customers.  Another is the need to identify various insurance policies or financial programs linked to a business or to groups of people.

  7. Your sales team can gain significant advantages by using mobile devices (smart phone and tablets) for the sales and filed service professionals.  They can enter rates of prospect and customer interactions, view open and closed service tickets, update sales opportunities and thus quickly share what is occurring in the field.  Also, you need the capability to modify the mobile solution to personalize it for your way of business; remove fields, add new drop down lists to reduce typing, apply a business rule to require an address for each new account or require the selection of a competitor when an opportunity is closed... 

  8. You need to identify the competitive landscape and thus link one or more competitors to a sales opportunity.  Knowing the competitors involved, their strengths, weaknesses and strategies for selling against all provide increases in selling effectiveness and reducing the sales cycle. Now multiply that for each sales professional in your business.

Technology changes have probably occurred that can enable the salesperson to reach more prospects, capture more custom intelligence and raise the productivity in the serving customers effectively.

This list covers 8 signs we have seen in businesses who call upon us for professional advice.  Use these to help indicate when it's time for a critical review and to consider better solutions. 

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