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Looking for better open rates in your email marketing campaigns? What about a greater response? How about more revenue, too?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help.

In the  ACT! newly published article, “Setting Up a Successful Email Marketing Campaign,” you’ll learn the 8 must-do steps to create an effective, well-crafted email campaign. These powerful techniques will help you more effectively target your messaging, create compelling offers, enhance deliverability and open rates… and, ultimately drive greater revenue for your business.

Tips to help create an effective well-crafted email campaign.

Subject Line is Key

First impressions are a key in any form of communication, and the subject line of an email has the potential to either gain or lose the interest of a reader. Subject lines that include your company’s name as a reference and provide specifics to your main point of the email will gain higher open rates.

Example: [Success with CRM Consulting] eMarketing Tips that generate revenue


Pay Attention to the "From" Address of Your Emails

Readers will be more likely to open your email if it has a personalized “from” address, rather than an automated one, such as advertising@xyzcorp.com,That way, if your customers or prospects have any questions or comments they can respond to “Dear Sara,” instead of “Dear xyzcorp.”


Mail Merge

This technique personalizes emails with recipients’ first names so they don’t feel part of a mass mailing. This is another simple option that can be directly inserted into your template using the Online Template Editor in marketing for ACT!.



How often do you send out newsletters, event invites and updates? Are you getting an active response from the recipients? If not, try something new. Be conscious about how many emails you send out each week, each month. How are individuals interacting with your emails? Are you following up accordingly? How are you engaging the people that seem uninterested?


Quality Over Quantity

It is far more important to send out content-rich emails than it is to send out long emails and/or multiple emails. When you provide your contacts with quality content, they are more inclined to read your emails and forward them to friends.


Content Suggestion

How can you personalize the content of you message? Listen to your readers because the people who take time to contact you are the ones who are most likely to pay attention to your email campaigns. Focus on your readers’ emails, their questions, their likes and dislikes. After all, if it was not for your loyal customers and readers, you would not be as successful as you are today.


Test Everything Before Sending

First test the way your email looks through several email service providers. Test all your links in the top, middle and bottom of your message to make sure they all work. Test your graphics. Remember that pictures do not always show up in email messages, so test the effectiveness of your email by covering the pictures and making sure your message is still easy to understand and the call-to-action is clear. Finally, test your email with a spam check tool before you send.


A/B Testing

Your email has passed all the tests, but it is not getting the open rates you were looking for. How come? There are many reasons for this including time of day, day of week, frequency of emails, etc… So why not test it?

Start with one change at a time. For example, explore what days your recipients are more likely to open your email. Split up your list and send each set the same email on different days. Does the open rate stand out more on one day than another? Replicate this process to determine the time of day people are more willing to open and interact with the email. Studies have shown the start of the day and the middle of the afternoon are the best times of day to send emails.

There are a number of things to test if you aren’t getting the results you desire. Whatever you do, always keep in mind that as the rest of the business world changes so could your recipients. Continue testing and never settle for one formula.

A good example was to include some more familiar and local content such as "Michiana" Premier CRM Consultants


A successful email marketing campaign has the potential to generate higher open rates, obtain a greater response, and ultimately create more revenue.

ACT! Marketing Automation-Inbox-Guru

What Email marketing tips have you found most helpful?  Let's chat.


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