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7 ways to use CRM information to make Marketing more effective

As you consider your marketing plan for the coming year, consider how you can use your CRM knowledge base system along with marketing.  Consider what effective marketing can do for lead generation and client loyalty.... 

  1. Reduced marketing costs with clean accurate data
  2. Segmented data points to best prospects.
  3. Determine where prospect interest resides today
  4. Focusing on ideal targets wastes less time.
  5. Call on most interested prospects – now. (Faster response – wins)
  6. More proactive to new insights & trending.
  7. CRM - feed back system for continuous improvement. Better CRM- better marketing...
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Focus on those who show the most interest

Find out who is most interested in the various content you have provided. Our clients have used marketing results as a feedback system for more focused, target marketing.
Use the immediate feedback to then focus your sales efforts on these same people in your CRM system.   A useful call list helps your sales force work smarter.
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Integration of your business  with marketing automation can help boost your business relationship development by keeping in touch with current clients and prospects. Your marketing becomes more effective.  
Infor CRM and Act use the InboxGuru marketing automation to help our clients stay top of mind with their customers, as we do ours.   Join our team and we can help to make your business smarter.   
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An integrated business is a smarter business..

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