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7 Steps Digital Leaders Can Take to Adapt to the New Normal

Like you, our first concern during the COVID-19 pandemic is the life and health of our families and our neighbors. At the same time, we recognize that organizations have been hit hard, too. The situation shifts daily as we learn more about the virus and human responses that affect the well-being of businesses.

Adaptability and agility are essential in our current scenario, for individuals, organizations, and the technology they use. Creatio CRM (formerly bpm’online) has authored a helpful e-book, “7 Steps Digital Leaders Can Take to Adapt to the New Normal After the Covid-19 Outbreak.”  We’ll summarize it for you here, but we also recommend that you download the whole book using the links.

7 Steps to Adapt to the New Normal

Increase Adaptability

The pandemic has necessitated the adjustment of processes to protect the health of customers and still serve them well, support employee productivity and health, and optimize new ways of working. Investment in new technology should be considered part of adaptive – or dynamic -- case management. With software that offers simplicity and instant insights, you can enhance productivity by helping employees manage unpredictability and customize business process automation.

Move Everything to the Cloud

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time. The cloud is at least as secure if not more so than an on-site server. At least 60 percent of organizations use cloud technology to store confidential data, according to Leftronic. Cloud computing lowers IT costs by eliminating the need to invest in your own server and the tech staff to maintain it properly while giving your authorized employees access to information and the ability to work no matter where they are.

60 pct cloud technology use and 90 pct breaches users fault

Revamp Employee Performance Management

A big question for many employers is how to keep staff motivated and productive while working remotely. Leveraging technologies to their full potential is a good place to start. For instance, Creatio CRM is not just for customer relationship management. It’s also a process management and human resource management tool. Having all key data on one executive management dashboard allows you to spot problems and get a clear sight line on business performance.


“Process visibility is everything to us. Every user knows exactly what is happening across all departments at all times.” –

Creatio user Bob Anasori, COO, AutoMatrix Dealer Software


83 pct of employees dont need an office to be productive

76 pct prefer to avoid their office completely

Revisit and track KPIs

Employee engagement goes up when they can see how their work affects the overall success of the company’s mission. Remote employees are likely to burnout if they are working just for the sake of working. Communicate how their personal efforts impact achieving visionary objectives, then invite them to participate in formulating their key performance indicators to contribute to the cause.

65 percent of employees prefer defined responsibilities

Rely on AI

Hundreds of companies are already using artificial intelligence to analyze data and adapt in real time, offering products or services that match specific customers’ needs. With Creatio CRM, they can better understand each individual customer and focus on specific needs and personal buying behaviors, all while using preferred channels of interaction. AI also enables predictive lead scoring, sales forecasting, and chatbots in customer service.

Build Your Internal Knowledge Base

In today’s remote work scenario, staff must have easy access to knowledge from wherever they are. Having one source of information available for self-service increases productivity by reducing unnecessary interruptions. Another advantage is better and faster on-boarding. An internal knowledge base with relevant technical and HR-related information saves time and money and improves your team’s efficiency.

45 percent of employees are poor at knowledge transfer HS

Leverage Low-Code

Remaining relevant today requires you to modify or create new business apps fast and easily. That’s impossible when you must rely on an over-burdened IT department to get to your request, even when they’re top-notch. Low-code has been identified by Gartner as a now-mature trend that allows businesses to build new apps and customize software functionality quicker and with much less cost.


When the only constant is change, businesses must be agile in their transformation. Read this guidance from Creatio, for the sake of your processes, customers, and employees,

The business challenges are real. These steps will be key to adapting to the new normal. Download Creatio’s full e-book, “7 Steps Digital Leaders Can Take to Adapt to the New Normal After the COVID-19 Outbreak,” here.

7 steps digital leaders can take to adapt to the new normal

Key Takeaways:

  • How to increase the adaptiveness and agility of your organization in the times of a constantly changing business environment 
  • How to keep your team members motivated and performing at peak efficiency when working from home
  • How low-code and AI technologies can become the key success enablers that will help your business survive during a recession.




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