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Is Mobile CRM right for you?

We've talked about how Creatio Mobile app is changing the way people build relationships. How you can manage clients from your phone? How tablets have changed the sales cycle completely? So is there any reason why someone would not want to use the Creatio Mobile app?

Creatio mobile app                                                  Mobile field service- map directions

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Of course there are reasons not to go with mobile. Here are a few that come to mind.

1.Little or no wireless signal. There are still areas, like the interior of Alaska and some other rural areas, where there is little to no wireless or cellular signal. If you're doing business in an area like that, a mobile solution might not do you much good.

2.You love audio books. A mobile CRM makes it possible to reach out to your clients from anywhere, and to have the entire history of your relationship in front of you when you do it. (And by "your," I mean the what everyone in the company has done with that client, not just you personally.) If you have a big library of audio books, and you listen to them as you drive from one client to the next, Creatio CRM mobile might not be for you, because it will cut down on your driving and listening time.

3.Face-to-face is the only way you know how to do business. There is a place for eye contact and a firm handshake in every business relationship. If you don't believe it's possible to close a deal or build a relationship unless you are physically with your prospect for every conversation, I wouldn't recommend Creatio CRM mobile.

4.You don't use cell phones. Some people can't use cell phones for various reasons, and others simply aren't interested in having a mobile device in their pocket all the time. If using a cell phone is not even on your bucket list, then installing a mobile CRM on it isn't going to make you suddenly change your mind.

5.Technology makes you nervous. Every time you pick up a device, you're afraid you're going to accidentally delete something important or just plain break the thing. Those tablets are the worst; they're so thin and they look very fragile! You're so nervous around technology that you seriously doubt that these devices are really as simple to use as everyone says, and you've closed off your mind to even giving one a try. If your mind is made up and nothing can change it, then you're not in the market for Creatio CRM mobile.

6.You don't want it to be easy to receive and reply to messages. Emails should be stored safely on a desktop computer, right? The idea of being able to get them while on the road is ridiculous. And who would want to have a message read to them by their machine? Or to be able to reply by voice, too? If that seems to rushed, you may be better off without a mobile client.

7.You love flip charts. You've been presenting with flip charts for more years than you can count, and the idea of replacing them with interactive video or multimedia presentations which run through your mobile device doesn't impress you. Why would anyone want superior presentations and more room in the car?


So as you can see, Creatio Mobile app isn't the best choice for everyone. That's why we spend so much time with each new client, learning about their business and how they want to use a new CRM. Because Creatio CRM is so customizable, it makes no sense simply to install it as-is. If I meet with a client who is dead set against any mobile application, then we are going to build them a solution which doesn't have one.


Creatio mobile

Of course, the above list is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the lesson about customization isn't. A CRM which is adapted to your business is a thing of beauty which will improve how you build and maintain your client relationships. On the other hand, a CRM which is poorly customized, or is installed in its out-of-the-box form, is going to try to force your business to change to conform to the software. In practice, what really happens to a badly-designed CRM is that it's not used. Instead, it gathers so much dust while you wonder why your team isn't willing to change.

If you want a CRM that adapts to your business, instead of one that tries to force your business to adapt, then please contact us (269)-445-3001 about trying out Creatio Mobile app.




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