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7 Keys to Success with CRM -Getting the Right Professional to Help

In previous articles I covered the points that obtaining business and professional success with CRM is achieved with first with a people process....  Using experienced CRM consultants can make the transition smooth. Experience means learning from others' mistakes so you don’t make the same ones. Few problems are unique.

Creating a CRM solution that addresses your business needs, services your customers well and doesn’t drive your employees crazy is the sort of thing that an experienced professional team can do for you. You can build a house yourself, but it’s going to be quicker, cheaper and better if you hire some carpenters. Likewise you can implement a CRM solution yourself from a book, but it will be quicker, cheaper and better if you hire experienced CRM consultants to guide the process.


CRM consultants will help you establish measurable business goals that the CRM initiative can help achieve. Their experienced and outside view can help you with a more objective look at your own business. It can be hardest to see something right under your nose.  Knowledgeable outside expertise can pinpoint problems invisible to those too close to the situation. Ideally your CRM professional will become a trusted advisor with the dedication and level of engagement that will bring added value to your CRM system.


Successful Implementation Planning and Process

Your CRM implementation process can and should be phased-in with specific “quick-win” objectives that can quickly result in observable and measurable pay-offs.  Smaller, more manageable phases can build momentum and more support from end-users by building a holistic approach through a step-by-step process. It can be important to have a pilot phase for your CRM implementation which gives the key people hands-on use with a sample of live, real customer data. The pilot team should be made up of a slice of key representatives from various department and functional areas. CRM consultation can help design and manage this process.


A good consultant can help the CRM implementation with an eye to the future as well. Where is your company going to be two or three years down the road and is the CRM being implemented flexible enough to grow as the company, its customers and the market evolve? 


7 Keys to Success with CRM:

Here at Success with CRM Consulting, Inc., we know our customer relationship management well and have successfully implemented Saleslogix in several types of client businesses.  Read our eBook to learn:

  • What CRM can do for you
  • How and where to get the right professional help
  • The things you need to know before choosing a CRM tool
  • How to tailor the process solution to your needs
  • How to tie everything together – the people and the technology – to make CRM successful for you and your business



We like to say that a successful CRM Implementation is not a destination, it’s a journey. Read our eBook to find out more.


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