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6 new connectors on Creatio Market Place

The bpm'online Market Place is a great place to find helpful tools and templates to make your CRM system work smarter for your organization. 

On the market place you will find:

  • Applications - to extend the functionality of the bpm'online platform
  • Templates- to automate processes with re3ady to use process templates
  • Services- where you can order services from bpm'online partners


bpmonline marketplace


A truly efficient digital ecosystem has the seamless connections between various solutions and services in its core.

Bpm'online marketplace is aiming at adding more and more connectors every month and here are just a few new comers for your consideration.

New Apps

Sage 50 Connector for bpm'online

With 2-way integration of bpm’online and Sage 50 you will be able to centralize your accounting information: sync account and contact info, manage cash flow (incoming & expenses), set and sync credit limits, and view account balance through bpm’online.  Learn more

Facebook leads connector for bpm'online

Connect your lead generating Facebook forms with bpm’online to automatically save data submitted by a user to bpm’online, create and process the lead by launching the relevant business process. Learn more

TAVIQ Profile connector for bpm'online

Enrich your leads data in bpm’online with personality analysis based on DISC profiling and use personality summaries to assign leads to most suitable sales representatives, create personality segmented dynamic folders of leads to target them with fine-tuned trigger campaigns, special offers, and other promotional materials based on the individual preferences.  Learn more

GEM Meetings for bpm'online

GEM Meetings for bpm'online helps you to derive value from the synergy of bpm'online meeting planning and tracking functionality with GEM analytical tools and bench marking models. Analyze the time and way people engage in meetings to improve effectiveness. Learn more

OneLogin  SSO connector

The OneLogin SSO connector is a template-based solution for single sign-on (SSO) access setup for those bpm'online customers, who use OneLogin as their corporate identity management service. The integration template simplifies the setup of the integration and is trusted by OneLogin.  Learn more

Azure Active Directory connector

Connector simplifies user on boarding process and improve user experience for bpm'online customers, who use Azure AD as their corporate identity management service: no need to memorize one more password for bpm'online, user is automatically signed in once signed in into domain record.  Learn more

How to extend the functionality of your CRM system - bpm'online CRM



Check out the list of all applications on the Marketplace

Haven’t found the application you need? Share your idea in bpm’online community.

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